Pressure mounts in tight games

Chloe Hoepner passes in from the sideline during under 10 basketball.

Although not ideal, the weather was much better than last week – but Dribbler still complained.
I really think it the weather gets much worse when Dribbler loses.
Fortunately, not everyone is so focussed on winning as Dribbler.
I hear Jordan Wilson left his game to work in the canteen as not enough people from his club had turned up.
Dribbler told me Sarah Young also left her game to help with medical advice when young and talented Jane Harding hurt herself in the hurly burly of her game.
Annette, who works tirelessly each Friday night and is looking forward to the end of the season, rang me to tell me Jane spent the night in hospital but has been given the all clear and is okay.
The way some people play it is surprising there aren’t more accidents.
I know Dribbler is always going on about the bruises he gets but he is just a whinger.
I reckon a few of the A men would have been the “walking wounded” on Saturday morning as once again their games were tight and exciting.
There were some close games for the U14 girls this week – especially the Owen and Longies game which ended in a draw.
Michelle Schulz had a hot night being able to outreach most of the others and grabbing heaps of rebounds.
Stephanie McArdle played exquisitely and stole the ball on many occasions.
Best of all, Dribbler tells me they had fun.
Gavin Page played his heart out in his team’s game against Bulldogs but the skill and tenacity of Dallas Hill was enough to give them the edge.
It was a great match. Dribbler couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Matthew Gregory’s dad out there refereeing. He thought he’d retired.
Only two more weeks to go this year. I hear the divisions are going to be split so that next year the competition will be more even and the games more significant.
At least it will give Dribbler time to practice. As usual he hasn’t put it the practice he promised. Hopefully more will join him and live up to their promise. This week could be the time to start. Let’s hope more games will be closer.


PHOTOS BELOW, from left: Clark Crawford passes to a team mate. Harry Wickham dribbles the ball down the court. Kathryn Taylor gives encouragement as Hosea McPharlin tries to gain control of the ball. Chelsea Selwood looks to pass in from the sideline.