Saturday Senior After having a bye the week prior, the Balaklava side (last week) played host to Saddleworth. However, the incapacitated captain Angela Battle found it would’ve been easier to have had the bye the week later than it was as many players, with or without a reasonable excuse, were unavailable to play! With the […]


Adelaide Plains Cyclists & Torrens Valley: A Grade: F Pinyon 96.4. B Grade: J Pinyon 94.3. Sighters: F Pinyon 19. Handicap results: J Pinyon 48.1, 46.2 (8) 100. R Nicholls 45.2, 46.2 (11) 100. G Apthomas 44.2, 47.1 (9) 100. P Gale 49.1, 46.2 (4) 99. F Pinyon 48.3, 48.1 (3) 99. P Fry 43.1, […]


Balaklava Men Few sights can chill the heart of local golfers than that of Ron Butterworth, strolling from the car park, wearing a smile. However, that’s just what Rotten Ron did to the field last Saturday as we prepared for the Stableford competition. After a couple of hours, Ron’s smile had grown much bigger and […]


Upper wakefield Blyth 24, C Bolvig 5, G Clark 7, N Williams 7, D Williams 3, def Balaklava 20 L Sutton 5, C Reimers 5, R Loader 7, J Hilzinger 5. Clare 31, E Semple 9, E Hooper 12, R Gierke 4, G Todd 6 def Snowtown 30, G Schupelius 12, J Gibson 6, P […]

Water babes beat the heat

These little bubbas and their mums sure had the right idea last Friday, cooling off at water awareness classes.   PHOTOS right: Amanda Lockwood, Sharalyn Pike with son Hamish, Karen and Bella Pratt, Michelle Wagner with daughter Yasmine Tiller, instructor Shirley holding Charlotte Lockwood, Daniel and Matilda Woidt, Isaac Hedaux and Matthew Henstridge.    BELOW, […]

Colin Bennett goes to Lower North

Lower North branch of the Past Presidents’ Bowls Association of SA, was successful in winning the Colin Bennett Shield for the first time in seven attempts. The match is played annually against Yorke Peninsula, and this year was played at Kadina. Ten teams of four from each branch, played one game before lunch and another […]


Nth East Mid Week Results of games played on Jan 21; Clare Red 34 (8) R Howes 20, B Sims 14 def. Blyth 32(2) R Wyatt 16, L Mader 16. Brinkworth 41 (8) P Meyer 21, J Goss 20 def. Balaklava 39 (2) K Harkness 18, H Philp 21. Snowtown 38(9) R Atkinson 21, R […]

Family ties still strong in Blyth

LAUNCH of the book “The Küchenmeister Heritage” was held on Sunday, December 14 in Blyth Community Hall. The book is the history of Ludwig and Mariane Küchenmeister and their descendants, written by James McInnes. This was the second launch of the book with the initial launch occurring the previous week at Prospect. Both were launched […]

Farewell to Pastor Nigel

Pastor Nigel Rosenzweig conducted his final service on Sunday, December 28 at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Clare. A crowd of about 120 from the districts of Blyth, Clare and Burra attended the service followed by a luncheon to say their final farewells to Pastor Nigel, wife Amelia and children Samuel, Isaac and Deanna. The family […]