CWA rolls in with skate park help

Balaklava’s CWA is one of the first local ogranisations to come to the aid of the proposed new Balaklava skate park facility, suggested for an area of parklands off Wallace street. About $416 was raised with the support of local businesses and residents, with many people dropping into the CWA clubrooms to purchase scones and […]

Wild weather batters us

Winds gusting to 120 km/h hit the mid north late Friday night, leaving some parts of the Adelaide Plains affected, and Mallala and Districts Lions Club catering van severely damaged,  with costs to replace the van estimated at about $30,000. The van was left partially crushed when a large gum tree was snapped off at […]

Accident costly to drivers

TWO WELLS . A Kadina man was reported for driving without due care after colliding with a truck and trailer on the  Port Wakefield Road at Dublin on Tuesday, July 6. He will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date. The driver of the truck was also reported – he was issued […]

Battle of the beach

Off-road vehicles are a threat to declining numbers of migratory shorebird species on local beaches. This adds to an array of problems relating to off-road vehicle use on the district’s fragile coastal environment. Other  threats to shorebirds are a combination of habitat degradation, water pollution and beach disturbances. The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural […]

Going ‘nutty’ over healthy living

WHAT better pair to promote nuts as a healthy food than Madison and Sianna Bond – the “Blatchy’s Nuts” kids. The daughters of Balaklava’s Blatchy’s Nuts owners, Sheralyn and Martin Bond, showered photographer Lisa Redpath with almonds during National Diabetes Week which started last Sunday. Research indicates nuts in the diets of those with diabetes […]

The city slicker is on her way to country bumpkin

I didn’t know what to expect when I left Adelaide and arrived in Balaklava to begin work as a journalist at the Plains Producer in February. I’ve been in Balaklava  for about five months now. The first week I arrived I was thrown into reporting on the 2010 state election. I had to learn who […]