Mallala councillors appoint Strudwicke as mayor

Bronte Hewett reports:

Councillors have re-elected Marcus Strudwicke as mayor of District Council of Mallala for the third time since 2006.
Mr Strudwicke was first elected in 2006  but was replaced by Steve Kennedy in 2007, before being elected again in 2009.
He said he was hoping he could provide some stability to council’s mayoral position which currently is reviewed every 12 months.
After his election, Mr Strudwicke thanked councillors for their support. “I’m sure we’re not going to agree on everything but I hope we can treat each other with respect and work for the betterment of the district,” he said. 
Councillor Anne Picard was elected deputy mayor.
Allowance for the mayor has more than doubled to $32,000 this term from $12,675 in 2010. Deputy mayor will receive $10,000 for the term while councillors will receive $8,000.  Theses figures have also increased from last term by about $2,000.
Councillors, who were sworn in at Monday night’s meeting, will elect the mayor every 12 months for the remainder of the current term.
During the 2014 elections, the public will elect the mayor for the full four year term.