AMG ready to receive lentils at Bowmans

Ben Wigzell and Megan Shepherd in front of a new silo.
 Construction on the AMG storage facility at Bowmans is well underway with first harvest deliveries set to arrive at the end of this week. 
According to site manager, Ben Wigzell, the new weighbridge is also in the final stages of construction and will  be available for use this week.
 Four of the proposed 12 metal storage silos, each capable of holding 1500 tonnes, are now complete, as well as five 600 tonne bins.
A further six silos are expected to be completed as early as next week to accommodate the expected large lentils harvest.
The silos, which have aerated floors and roof ducts to keep the lentils cool during summer, will also feature five sensors on the inside to measure the amount of stock in each.
Upon completion, the silos will be fully automated with catwalks over each to ensure the lentils can be easily viewed. The site also consists of two large sheds, built by Australian company, Advantec. Each is capable of holding 7,000 tonnes.

PHOTO BELOW; . Advantec’s Allan Pearce (left) and Nathan McGrath with the base for a shed behind them. It will eventually hold 7,000 tonnes of lentils.