Fundraising team helps Mallala hospital to financial health

Mallala hospital fundraising committee (from left) Jim Franks, Paul Angus, Macdonald Crabb, John Farrelly, Denise Goward, Judith Verner and David Verner.
Five years after forming, the Mallala Community Hospital ‘Fundraising for the Future’ sub-committee has reached its target of $150,000 to contribute to the hospital’s sustainability.
Chairman of the subcommittee, Macdonald Crabb, said it had been an incredible feat for the hard working team, consisting of Denise Goward, John Farrelly, Paul Angus, Jim Franks and David and Judith Verner.
With the hospital experiencing some stress five years ago, the hospital board concluded a subcommittee would be formed dedicated to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the facility.
“This money has been a big part of the hospital’s viability,” Mr Crabb said.
The sub-committee has been responsible for a number of very successful fundraising events.
Mr Crabb said it had been a pleasure working with the Mallala community.
“As chairman, I’ve been very pleased with the local support both corporate and private,” he said.
 Mr Crabb also acknowledged the efforts of Jane Farrelly, Carol Baker, Julie Griffiths, Yvette Jenkin, Gerry Irish and Nevis Gazzola.
Fundraising events to date include a kaleidoscope dinner, a day at Balaklava races, bush banquet at Irish’s farm, backyard cricket at Mallala hotel and a very successful quiz night with Mick Jennings.
Special guest for another fundraising dinner was prominent political journalist, Annabel Crabb, who happens to be the chairman’s daughter.
Although they have reached the five-year target, the fun doesn’t stop there, with the sub-committee dedicated to continuing their work for the future of the hospital.