Get set and.go!

It was all go at Viterra, Bowmans last week.
THIS was the scene at Viterra’s grain handling facility at Bowmans this week with grain trucks awaiting sampling as harvest really kicks in.
New grain  bunkers are being constructed at Bowmans in anticipation of a bumper harvest and AMG’s lentils silos also are coming on line this week (see page 8).
And as warm weather continues to ripen cereal crops across the plains, the locust threat facing farmers in the region slowly fades.
While huge numbers of the plague pest have been reported in regional centres around the state, particularly in the north eastern areas, locusts are unlikely to have a great impact on the local harvest.
A Biosecurity SA spokesperson said extensive spraying in those northern areas where the eggs were laid has been effective and only smaller numbers of ‘fly-ins’ are likely to be seen around the Adelaide Plains district.
With the green tinge almost completely fading from local crops, the window of opportunity for drastic damage is closing fast.
“Locusts are attracted to greenery and usually go for grass and the like,” the spokesperson said. “Places like fencelines and by the sides of roads where there is a fair bit of grass is often where you will see them. They also don’t like scrubby country and only go for cereal crops with a fair bit of green in them.”
There had been reports of locusts targeting the green knot in the stems of cereal crops, dropping the heads to the ground, but with many crops now beyond that stage, not much of an impact was expected.