Port Wakefield downs Balaklava

TERRY Sparks gets a helping hand from a teammate as he bowls for Wasleys during their home game on Saturday.
By John Glistak, WMBA secretary

Perfect bowling conditions set the stage for some interesting bowls last weekend. The only bowlers disappointed with the weather were those who played in losing sides, and those bowlers in the two bye sides who had no bowls for the day.
In a major upset in Division One, Port Wakefield defeated leaders Balaklava all rinks up by a comfortable 30 shot margin.
Elsewhere, both Riverton and Hamley Bridge won their respective matches while Owen had the bye for the round. These results see Riverton take the lead after the first complete round of Division One matches.
Hamley Bridge is now on equal points with Balaklava but with slightly inferior shots up tally. Courtesy of their win, Port Wakefield moved into fourth spot at the expense of Mallala.
Can Port Wakefield repeat last week’s effort against the new leaders Riverton? This match will be the feature match of this weekend’s round.
Riverton remains the only undefeated side in Division One and will be favoured to continue their winning streak despite the match being played at Port Wakefield.
Mallala hosts Owen in another vital match as both sides battle to keep in touch with the top four. Home green advantage should give Mallala the edge in this clash.
The final match sees Balaklava travel to Wasleys keen to return to the winning circle.
Hamley Bridge has the Division One bye this weekend.
Division One – November 20: Hamley Bridge 93(12) (A. O’Brien 20, B. Smith 35, P. Rex 38) def. Wasleys 46(0) (D. Olive 17, G. Rendell 13, D. McQuade 16); Port Wakefield 87(12) (R. Murphy 29, A. Fontaine 27, R. McQuire 31) def. Balaklava 57(0) (T. Clifford 19, B. Taylor 24, D. Lamond 14); Riverton 87(11) (N. Rogers 31, M. Griffiths 24, B. Mullins 32) def. Mallala 71(1) (I. Stuart 31, P. Furst 16, J. Evans 24).
Division One standings: Riverton 55 (+85), Balaklava 44 (+64), Hamley Bridge 44 (+56), Port Wakefield 39 (+18), Mallala 34 (-26), Owen 26 (-74), Wasleys 10 (-123).
Division One – November 27: Mallala vs Owen, Port Wakefield vs Riverton, Wasleys vs Balaklava, Hamley Bridge bye.

Undefeated sides will go head to head in Division Two

Division Two matches last weekend produced their usual share of close results, and perhaps the odd unexpected outcome.
Balaklava Red had a narrow eight shot win over Hamley Red despite having only one rink up, while Balaklava White had only a four shot advantage over sister side Balaklava Blue.
Tarlee White had their colours lowered by Riverton Black with Owen, Port Wakefield Gold, Tarlee Red and Hamley White also recording wins in their respective matches.
Riverton White had the bye last weekend.
The battle for position in the Division Two standings has intensified due to last weekend’s results, ensuring  several of this Saturday’s matches will be eyed with interest.
Balaklava White and Hamley White, the only remaining undefeated sides in the Division Two competition, do battle in a top of the table clash.
Host side, Balaklava White, should hold a slight edge in this match.
Third and fourth placegetters, Owen and Port Wakefield Gold, feature in another intriguing match. Again, home green advantage is likely to sway the result in Owen’s favour.Another match likely to be rather close will see Hamley Red host Riverton Black; the result possibly not being decided until the final few ends.
Riverton White, Port Wakefield Blue, Tarlee Red and Balaklava Red are favoured in the remaining matches of the round.
Tarlee White has the Division Two bye this weekend.
Division Two – November 2010: Riverton Black 78(11) (P. Gates 28, R. Schulz 22, P. Kelly 28) def. Tarlee White 68(1) (J. Perry 28, D. Branson 21, D. Quodling 19); Balaklava Red 68(8) (C. Cowan 28, T. Jones 19, K. Cottle 21) def. Hamley Red 60(4) (B. Morris 11, D. French 27, G. Schilling 22); Owen 98(11) (R. Hill 44, L. Hean 20, K. Warnes 34) def. Wasleys 58(1) (J. McDougall 11, S. Wendland 20, J. Williamson 27); Port Wakefield Gold 79(12) (A. Carslake 22, A, Brown 29, T. Cluse 28) def. Mallala White 58(0) (G. Forrest 19, M. King 18, J. Curnow 21); Tarlee Red 76.5(10) (I. Rohde 16.5, F. Gorey 28, D. Meyers 32) def. Mallala Black 64(2) (K. McDonald 23, B. Hill 21, B. Whyte 20); Hamley White 86(12) (M. Nicholls 25, A. Fyfe 17, J. Bell 44) def. Port Wakefield Blue 54(0) (P. Fontaine 23, S. Reimers 16, P. Baum 15); Balaklava White 72(10) (J. Olsen 30, C. Milton 18, M. Olen 24) def. Balaklava Blue 68(2) (P. McPharlin 24, B. Barr 26, K. Harkness 18).
Division Two Standings: – Balaklava White 55 (+79), Hamley White 54 (+52), Owen 50 (+79), Port Wakefield Gold 46 (+40); Tarlee White 44 (+16), Balaklava Red 41 (+35), Balaklava Blue 41 (-2), Hamley Red 38 (+6), Riverton Black 37 (-6), Port Wakefield Blue 36 (-23), Mallala White 35 (+16), Riverton White 34 (-9), Tarlee Red 33 (-24.5), Wasleys 27 (-139),  Mallala Black 17 (-114).
Division Two – November 27: Riverton White vs Balaklava Blue, Balaklava White vs Hamley White, Port Wakefield Blue vs Mallala Black, Tarlee Red vs Wasleys, Owen vs Port Wakefield Gold, Mallala White vs Balaklava Red, Hamley Red vs Riverton Black, Tarlee White bye.

Other results:
wooroora womens
Results from November 18. Pt Wakefield Gold 45 d Mallala Black 38, M Hayes 25 d Y Curnow 18, B Mcquire 20 drew C King 20.
Mallala White 44 d Balaklava Green 38, R Jenkin 21 d G Chapman 17, B Roney 23 d B Philp 21.
Two Wells Red 64 d Two Wells White 25, B Molloy 42, d B Lee-Archer 9, S Underwood 22 d M Maylin.
Hamley Bridge Red 38 d Hamley Bridge Gold 34, H Gregory 23 d N Fyfe 10, L Moloney 15 L N Bubner 24.
Owen 55 d Balaklava Red 23, G Wandel 26 d L Harkness 8, B Harkness 29 d C Goldney 15.
Balaklava Gold 50 d Pt Wakefield Blue 33, K Catford 20 d S Kempster 16, J Milton 30 d H Brown 17.
Premiership Table
Mallala White            63+46
Two Wells White        58+11
Owen                       56+94
Balaklava Green        56+67
Pt Wakefield Gold      41+17
Hamley Bridge Red    38-90
Balaklava Gold          35+21
Two Wells Red           33+3
Mallala Black             32+11
Hamley Bridge Gold   26-53
Balaklava Red            22-60
Pt Wakefield Blue       22-67

Sides for Saturday

For matches played on November 27.
DIVISION 1- Owen vs Mallala at Mallala. G Marshman, D Greer, B Traill, G Simpson (sk). I Freebairn, R Uppill, N Harkness, B Parker (sk). G Bubner, P Freebairn, T Harkness, G Harkness (sk). Cars: G Bubner, R Uppill, G Simpson depart at: 12:45pm.
Balaklava vs Wasleys at Wasleys. K McPharlin, A Northcott, S Hawke, B Taylor (sk). G Palmer, R McPharlin, P Thompson, D Lamond (sk). B Olsen, O Chapman, A Chivell, T Clifford (sk). Cars: Seconds.
DIVISION 2- Owen vs Pt Wakefield Gold at Owen. D Brown, A Wandel, R Hill, P Sullivan (sk). D Hartwell, C Hocking, K Gould, K Warnes (sk). J Robinson, D Lauricella, B Diehl, L Hean (sk). Reserves: G Wandel, B Harkness.
Balaklava White vs Hamley White at Home. H Hebisch, C Stewart, Z Guy, J Olsen (sk). L Day, N Olsen, S Guy, M Olsen (sk). L Braddock, B Moffat, J Milton, C Milton (sk).
Balaklava Blue vs Riverton White at Riverton. D Anderson, P Ramm, K Catford, P McPharlin (sk). R May, L Barr, D Beare, R Barr (sk). R Fitzpatrick, R Greensheilds, T Jones, K Harkness (sk). Cars: Seconds.
Balaklava Red vs Mallala White at Mallala. B Kreig, N Sampson, J McPharlin, C Cowan (sk). R Hillman, A Barr, J Roberts, G Heffernan (sk). R McDonald, H Philp, C Welke, K Cottle. Cars: Leaders. Bar: B Moffat, S Guy.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . CRIS Donahue, Hamley Bridge measures the bowls after a Division One end.
. Janet Dunbar, Wasleys gets the spray ready while Buzz Diehl, Owen guides a teammate during their Division Two match.
. Steve Wendland watches his Wasleys teammate’s bowl.