Tennis reports – November 24 2010

TOMMY Woodroofe, Balaklava Blue tackles a forehand during his Division Three match at Balaklava on Saturday. PHOTOS: LISA REDPATH
Balaklava night
The name ‘Geriatric night tennis’ seems more appropriate after the spate of recent injuries and strains of the young at heart tennis players. If anyone sees the recuperating ‘achilles snapper’ Brenton Read, feel free to sign his foot cast! And a reminder to all that subs are overdue, and where possible, please try to find your fill-ins well before Thursday afternoon! 
The Division Two matches managed to finish this week, althought the end couldn’t come fast enough for poor old Kevyna Gardner’s Grapes, who couldn’t quite pip Fran Henderson’s Cherries, going down 0-11 to 6-38. Kevyna and Chris Brownlie were unlucky though to lose a tiebreaker to Fran and Wally Treverton, with Kevyna’s remaining two sets being twos. The new Grapes, in Tanya Heslop and Sue Nicholson tried hard but unfortunately had to reveal the bikinis to the more experienced Cherie Cleary and super fill-in Pete Georg. Wally and Chris had even tussles in each set, with some great rallies played.
The other Division Two match was a thriller, with Lorraine Jenner’s Bananas scraping through to defeat Carly Gregor’s Oranges 3-26 to 3-23. Three sets were 5-3s and a tiebreaker was also in there, so the one 6-2 winning set gave the Bananas some extra games. The realiable Lorraine and opponent, the fiesty fit Mary Helsop, had consistent scores of 5-3 in every set, with Mary taking the honours two sets to one! Big Banana David Northcott and the not-round Orange, Jarek Flight, had an excellent battle all night, each winning a 5-3 and Jarek winning the last set tiebreaker with Carly. The Bananas were assisted with new mum Courtney Barkla, who was made to work hard against Carly. Bananas’ Glenda Shepherd was kept alert by her young opponent Louise Read, having two close 5-3 sets.
Division Two premiership table after November 18: Cherries 8, Bananas 8, Oranges 2, Grapes 2.
The Division One matches saw two one-sided matches and one close one. Scott McDonald’s Melons had an interesting win over Darren Scholz’s Pears 5-30 to 1-18. The Melons won three of the first four sets. Darren and Helen Durdin had a big win over Paul McBride and Cherie Cmrlec. But Scott and Joyful Ryan had a nearly-as-good win over Gary ‘I’m back’ Wilson and fill-in Bec Houston. Cherie decided she’d better get her act together and had a win with Scott over Gus and Helen. Paul reversed his first set shellacking to have a big win with Joy over Darren and Bec. The Pears went pear shaped in the last two, the Melons being too good, taking both.
Helen Barry’s Dates had a good win over Pauline Hill’s Plums 5-34 to 1-16. The Hot Date, Adam Pratt with his blonde partner Josie Thompson, won a good 5-3 over the legend himself, Don Veitch, and partner Leonie Selleck, while fill-in Luke Williams and Helen also had a win over Sam Vankleef, and Pauline. But it was the next two sets that made the difference, with Adam and Helen forcing The Don and Pauline to drop their daks to reveals their.plums! This has previously been unheard of, so there was quite a crowd who oohed and aahed at this monumental event. Luke and Josie went to the other extreme by just scraping through to win a tiebreaker over Sam and Leonie. But it was all over by then, and Don and Sam tried hard but came second to Adam and Luke. Pauline regrouped and with partner Leonie, pulled off an excellent tiebreaker win over Helen and Josie, but that was the only set for the Plums. We hear Geoff Gardner has been having the legendary metho treatment for his sore heel in time for next week’s clash against his co-Bingo caller, Marty!
The final Division One match was the close one, with Louise Michael’s Figs pulling off a thriller, defeating Andrew Lane’s Olives 3-27 to 3-21. Chris Curnow, on a bye, was filling in for the sick Nick Durdin, but Chris appeared to be in a daze for the first set with Louise, going down 5-3 to Andrew and Julia Hoskin. Andrew took advantage of Chris’  vagueness to take the next set with young up and coming Ben Michael, yet again 5-3. In the other first set pairing, Figs Marty ‘Legs 11’ Brice and Lisa Redpath had a good win over Ben and Darren Woodroofe. Scores were level at one set all, but the Olives wouldn’t roll over and took the next two in identical 5-3 scores. Louise was added to the geriatric list pulling something in the hammy/back/rear region yet again, and hobbled to finish her second set with Marty. Chris was still in a daze in his set with Lisa, but going into the final ‘mens’ set, Marty gave Chris a good slap and snapped him out of it! He and Marty then had a good 6-2 win. So the human calculator (that would be Marty) had worked out what his girls (Lisa and Louise) needed to win and leaving them to it, sauntered to court one to have a chat with Gus! Lisa and Louise then managed to win over Ben and Julia, with Ben under threat of having to walk home if he beat his mother, and Marty sauntered back to court five for a score update and was seen quietly pumping the air!
Until next week when we see what adventures Chris has had with the header, Gards has had with the metho, and Cherie has had with the rose bush.

Lower North
Results from November 20. Dalkey 16-129 d Nantawarra 8-96.
G Gregory, J Humphrys d T Nicholls, K Williams 6-3, S Wedding, S Bell d W Taylor, S Tiller 7-5, R Gregory, S Fritz d D Woodroofe, A Tiller 6-3, L Surace, C Bell d J Appleby, C Appleby 6-3, L Marshman, J Rooke d A Kreig, H Hoepner 6-1, A Power, A Barry d B Taylor, A Williams 6-3.
Joanne Humphrys L Kirsty Williams 6-4, Stacey Bell d Sascha Tiller 7-6, Sally Fritz L Abbie Tiller 7-6, Cassandra Bell L Cheryl Appleby 6-1, Jules Rooke L Hannah Hoepner 7-5, Kate Barry L Ashleigh Williams 6-3.
George Gregory d Travis Nicholls 6-4, Sam Wedding d Wade Taylor 6-3, Richard Gregory d Darren Woodroofe 6-0, Louis Surace d Joshua Appleby 6-1, Luke Marshman d Ashley Kreig 6-3, Andy Power d Brandon Taylor 6-3.
J Humphrys, S Bell L K Williams, S Tiller 6-2, S Fritz, C Bell L A Tiller, C Appleby 6-4, J Rooke, K Barry L H Hoepner, A Williams 7-6.
G Gregory, S Wedding d T Nicholls, W Taylor 6-3, R Gregory, L Surace d D Woodroofe, J Appleby 6-1, L Marshman, A Power d A Krieg, B Taylor 6-3.

Lower North Juniors

DIVISION 1: Long Plains 5-35 def. Two Wells 1-19. Ross Sharer def Shannen Weir 6-2, Jakob Curnow def Maddy Seccafien 6-2, Nick Curnow def Jamee Seccafien 6-3, Cory Sharer def Matthew Lange 6-2.
Balaklava White 3-30 def. Mallala 2 3-23. Luke Williams def Douglas Howard 6-1, Kate Cmrlec lost to Clare Howard 4-6, Ashley Krieg lost to Sally Wilson 4-6, Henry Lane def Ben Mayne 6-3.
Balaklava Green 3-29 def. Mallala 1 3-28. Ben Michael lost to Josh Watson 5-6, Jordan Taylor def Hannah Jenkin 6-1, Dillon Michael def Brooke Wilson 6-4, Ethan May lost to Laura Jarmyn 2-6.
Balaklava Orange 5-30 def. Hamley Bridge 1-21. Tate Michael def Joanne Humphrys 6-3, Ben Heaslip def Cassandra Bell 6-1, Josh Appleby def Andy Power 6-2, Jake Michael lost to Tristan Bell 0-6.
Balaklava Gold v Owen No scoresheet provided.
DIVISION 2: Long Plains 6-36 def. Two Wells 0-8, Riley Curnow def Jamie Humphrys 6-1, Carissa Daniel def Renee Seccafien 6-1, Amy Daniel def Megan Hatch 6-0, Hannah McArdle def Rachel Hatch 6-0.
Mallala 6-36 def. Balaklava Purple 0-11. Robert McNair def Gemma Freebairn 6-3, Mark Jenkin def Ashleigh Williams 6-3, Rachel Dunstan def Tayla Williams 6-4, Edward Parsons def Kristy Selleck 6-0.
Hamley Bridge 4-27 def. Owen 2-21. Leon Rather lost to Jared Pratt 1-6, Jessica Sellars def Sophie Parker 6-1, Amy Humphrys def Riley Lane 6-1, Bethany Packer lost to Stacey Foale 2-6.
Balaklava Black 4-30 def. Balaklava Red 2-29. Tash Greenshields lost to Taylar Durdin 1-6, Todd Scholz def Teneal White 6-4, Sarah Heaslip lost to Daniel Mumford 5-6, Tom Lane def Julius Rohrlach 6-3.
DIVISION 3: Hamley Bridge 4-29 def. Owen 2-16. Amy McCabe def Jessica Heaslip 6-1, Tyler Powell def Tom Gameau 6-0, Michaela Burns def Lucy Parker 6-1, Ethan Loffler lost to Jack Heaslip 1-6.
Two Wells 1 3-29 def. Balaklava Silver 3-25. Tarsha Briscoe lost to Tyson Lamond 5-6, Natisha Eastman lost to Billy West 3-6, Macey Briscoe def Kirrily White 6-3, Monica Baker def Abby Martin 6-1.
Mallala 6-36 def. Long Plains 0-9. Jackson Furst def Jessica Daniel 6-2, Jake Tiller def Dylan Ferris (Mallala) 6-1, Georgia Furst def Georgia McArdle 6-0, Alex Howard def Angie Barr 6-3.
Balaklava Blue 5-34 def. Two Wells 2 1-17. Toby Michael def Jessica Weir 6-0, Syjourn Renshaw def Angus Tapscott 6-1, Lori Allen lost to Caitlin Musolino 4-6, Tommy Woodroofe def Cassie Lawson 6-2.
DIVISION 1                  POINTS    %
(Awaiting result of Balaklava Gold v Owen)
BALAKLAVA GREEN           9    57.69
LONG PLAINS                   8    80.00
OWEN                              6    75.00
MALLALA 1                       5    57.69
BALAKLAVA WHITE           7    56.00
BALAKLAVA ORANGE         7     57.69
HAMLEY BRIDGE               3    38.46
MALLALA 2                       2    33.33
BALAKLAVA GOLD             1    21.05
TWO WELLS                     0    20.00
DIVISION 2                  POINTS    %
LONG PLAINS                  10    90.00
MALLALA                         7    69.23
BALAKLAVA PURPLE         6    46.67
HAMLEY BRIDGE              5    50.00
BALAKLAVA RED              3    40.00
BALAKLAVA BLACK           3    34.62
TWO WELLS                    3    32.00
OWEN                             3    30.77

Mid North

Results from November 20. Saddleworth 5-82 lost to Balaklava 19-134.
T Williams, G Schmaal L H Barry, D Fredrichs 6-2, C Dixon, J Schmaal L P Hill, P Barry 6-3, C Schmaal, A Maynard L S Pike, S McDonald 7-6, K Winders, S Purcetti L J Harding, V Taylor 6-2, L Thomas, S Tomlison L A Battle, A Lane 6-1, K I’Anson, L Vater L T Smart, B Michael 6-3.
Tanya Williams L Helen Barry 7-6, Chris Dixon L Pauline Hill 6-2, Chris Schamaal L Shazza Pike 7-5, Kaye Winders d Jane Harding 6-4, Louise Thomas L Ange Battle 6-0, Katie I’Anson L Terissa Smart 6-3.
Greg Schmaal L Derek Fredrichs 6-2, Jared Schmaal L Phil Barry 6-0, Alex Maynard L Scott McDonald 6-3, Steve Puccetti L Vinny Taylor 6-2, Scott Tomlinson L Andrew Lane 6-3, Luke Vater d Ben Michael 7-5.
T Williams, C Dixon L H Barry, P Hill 6-4, C Schmaal, K Winders d S Pike, J Harding 6-1, L Thomas, K I’Anson L A Battle, T Smart 6-0.
G Schmaal, J Schmaal d D Fredrichs, P Barry 6-3, A Maynard, S Puccetti d S McDonald, V Taylor 6-4, S Tomlinson, L Vater L A Lane, B Michael 6-4.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . TWO Wells Division Three player Cassie Lawson just misses a forehand.
. KIEREN Robinson, Owen serves up in Division One.