Assisting is the key to snatching wins

B Women Ciara Guy, Lightning and Kellie Harrison, Eagles tussle over the ball.
There were some great games played last Friday.
Most of the games had obvious winners, and many of the scores blew out as the stronger teams realised how best to attack. Dribbler tried to stir teams to defend, but when zoning is the main defence it is hard to reverse what soon becomes obvious.
There were many defenders who put pressure on their opponents, which in turn had a ripple effect – often resulting in a turnover or a wasted hope shot.
Dribbler saw many youngsters like John Mahoney and Sabian Bennett for the Bulls and Ayden Lawless for the Falcons who did their best to guard up on a player in an effort to help their team. Jake Tiller and teammate Jack Heaslip guarded well for Swish, but sometimes players are just better.
Natasha Greenshields was on target. She knows what the square on the board is for. So does Kelsey Wedding, whose efforts nearly got her team over the line against the Pumas.
The Wildcats’ win over  Bulldogs was the closest for the night and gave them top spot in Senior Girls. According to Dribbler, it was a battle of the blondies with Ashleigh and Brittany being the key players for their respective sides. Dribbler reckons they are definitely not dumb blondes, but brilliant players.
Assisting other players is something our heroes in the big league try to do, and actually count how many they do. Mitchell Woollatt has obviously watched some hero games, as Dribbler told me he assisted more than any other player in his game. Dribbler reckons it’s a bit hard when a player is accidently hit in the face and only a foul is recorded. Tait Nottle would agree as he got quite a slap. Maybe they should change the rules and award three shots?!
We didn’t notice many three pointers this week.the wind was probably against them.
Dribbler tells me that Scott McCracken’s new wife dropped one and played quite a strong game. Alex Simon too, he tells me, was damaging for Lightning. Four team competitions are certainly not ideal, especially in A grade.
The top teams in both the women and men had fairly easy wins over their opponents.
There were no disgraceful games, but according to Dribbler the losing teams need to have a long look at how they are playing the game if they want to turn things around. Tall Will Banton for Longies looked like he would make it for them, but cool Luke and Leigh were just too good.
Umpiring seemed better this week – or the number of umpires did anyway.
Dribbler tells me that a number of youngsters like Jordan Allsop, Tyson Temby and Jarrad Dunstan have offered to help.
Andy Michael looks as good an umpire as he was a player, and he was a fine player! I’ve also heard that soon Mich Tiller will be joined by her sister as an umpire. More are obviously needed.
See you next week – playing and whistling.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . Lightning’s Renee McPharlin tries to steal possession from Eagle Katicia Hewitt.
. Longies’ Paul Sharer defends as Nathan Forrest, Auburn Hawks heads for the basket in B Men.
. ASHLEIGH Williams dribbles down the court for the Eagles during the B Women’s game.