Golf results – November 24 2010

Balaklava men
Yet again, our playing contingent was somewhat denuded by those pesky Pennants capers, although this week we can report that our brave, nay heroic flag-wavers did indeed triumph, over Kapunda, at Kapunda. Finishing on a high note were Mark Loy, Tate Michael and our glorious leader, presidente Bill Lokan, so to all, well done.
For the less luminary, our focus was firmly on getting over the line for a feed of lamb chops as the two-week Michael Trophy was concluded. Licking his chops at the 18th was the avuncular Bill Parkin who, with Stableford scores of 37 and 41 (78) bunted that good ol’ blue belly joe, big Barrie Michael (40-37-77) over the fence and into the shearers’ quarters.
However, master Parkin was not finished with us yet, not by a long shot, as he also aced the A Graders, consigning Merv Hameister (37) to second and Jim Breuer (37) into third. This left us with D Taylor (37), R Butterworth (37), welcome guest Trent Sharman (36), M. Smith (34), D. Hannaford (34) and W. Nagle (31).
Digby Addison (41) shepherded the B Grade flock back to the barn, leading a dogged Dean Trickett (40) and the shy, sensitive Barry Thompson (37). Trailing them on in were R Veitch (36), C Temby (36), G Sonntag (32), W Berry (31), R Hahn (30). D Robinson (28), A Leaver (25) and G Anderson (19).
Jordan Taylor fleeced the C Grade mob with a stunning 34 points, beating Jordan Wilson (30) and Jake Michael (29) by a blow, leaving A. Henstridge (17) to experience several episodes of spontaneous Tourette’s syndrome during the muster.
Don and Tom Whittaker rolled up in their on-going quest for a handicap, which can’t be far away the noo.
Trent Sharman shot a Birdie on the 15th, backing up his Nearest The Pin. NTPs were also claimed by Bill Parkin (3rd), Rotten “Ron the Pom” Butterworth (8th), Jimmie Breuer (10th) and Rotten Ron again at the 13th.
This week it’s on again, in the form of a Par comp. and of course next week, according to THE BOOK, it’s our world-famous hit ‘n giggle Ham ‘n Turkey Pairs Ambrose. All you need bring is $20 per head, seven salvers of salad, six silver saxophones and of course, a partner in a pear tree.

Hamley Bridge

The Stableford competition, held on Saturday November 13, attracted only 13 players due to the weather with Rowland Pawlak storming home with a credible 41 points from Kieth Kluske 37, Ross Hienze 36, and Wally Jackson 35.
The highlight of the day was Lance Hatchers magnificent hole in one on number 14 and in a game with no Birdies made it pretty special. As you can guess he won nearest to the pin on no 14 while John Mitchell won it on 9.
Thirty-one players competed in Thursday’s stableford competition, including two visitors from the Balaklava Golf Club – Mike and Chris Hahesy. Winner of the day was new vice captain Barry Schwartz on a count back from Len Usher both with 43, Kieth Kluske, Helen Johnson, Steve Howe 41, Warren Isgar, John Bell, Dennis Hawke 40 all being prize winners.
Congratulations to Helen Johnson, who is the second lady to win a score prize in what used to be the mens competition.
Other scores Rex Mortimer, Wally Jackson, Cliff Applebee, Gary Woods, Merv Hamiester, Bob Hillier 39,  Ross Hienze 38, Colin Doudle, George Dahlitz, Errol Branson 37, Doug Cooper, Ron Smith, Noel Stringer, Ian Ferguson, Graham Schulz 36, Bob Ahola 35, Ron Collins, Roen Cameron 34, Ian Rohde 33, Brian Cooper 30, Mike Hahesy, Dave Russell 29, Chris Hahesy 25.
Nearest to the pins were Colin Doudle 12 and Ian Ferguson 9. Birdies Merv Hamiester ninth and 16th Len Usher 13th, Ross Hienze ninth, Rex Mortimer second Steve Howe fifth.
Twenty-three players competed in last Saturday’s par and four ball better ball  competition. Roen Cameron, who has recently stood down as club secretary to concentrate on reducing his handicap,  has certainly made a great start with an incredible +9  to win the day from Noel Stringer and George Dahlitz +7, Ron Smith, Warren Isgar +6, John Mitchell + 4 (cb), all being prize winners.
Other scores Len Usher, Steve Howell +4, Cliff Applebee, Barry Zerna +3, Rowland Pawlak, Kieth Kluske, Bob Ahola +2, Barry Schwartz, Brian Cooper, Doug Cooper +1, Ross Hienze, Wim Van Pelt square ,and a number of players below par.
Winners of the 4 ball better ball competition were Roen Cameron and Cliff Applebee with +14.
Birdies Len Usher 17 and 10, Steve Howe 3 and 9, Kieth Kluske, Barry Zerna 17 Roen Cameron 9. Nearest to the pins Steve Howe 9, Barry Schwartz 14.