Get set for Ham ‘n Turkey Ambrose

Balaklava men
As the weather cleared last Saturday, so too did a few heads among the 26 who took to the greensward, in search of fame and glory, for a par competition.
Heading the A graders up the red carpet was Merv Hameister in his plus fours plus a score of +4, beating the pants off Tate Michael (+4) courtesy of a count back and knocking the Tam o’ Shanter of Bill Parkin (square) into the shrubbery. All this high drama scotched the ambitions of R Butterworth (-1), I Michael (-3), M Loy (-3), D Taylor (-4), W Lokan (-4) and a rather wobbly W Nagle (-7).
Our substantial B Grade field was humbled by a resurgent Bill Berry (+3), who rumbled John Michael (square) and tumbled Corey Temby (square) down to third. Those who stumbled were D Trickett (-1), C Michael (-1), G Sonntag (-3), I Gameau (-3), D Robinson (-3), D Addison (-4), B Michael (-5), R Hahn (-5), G Toms (-6) and very welcome new member Jake Bowden (-7).
Things were quieter and more orderly in the distinguished C grade gathering, as laconic Lachlan Michael (+7) gently nudged Jordan Taylor (-3) into second and Austin Henstridge (-4), nervous as an near-edentate senior cit. about to tackle a ginger nut, to third. The elegant, nay gracious Chris Hahesy (-5) added the finishing touch and an extra dash of class to the proceedings, while hubby Mike slaved away down in the shed on our ailing equipment.
Tate Michael achieved the day’s sole birdie at the eighth having secured Nearest The Pin to boot. Chris Hahesy’s NTP at the third survived the round unchallenged, while Bill Parkin coolly claimed his at the 17th.
This Saturday we expect a strong showing for our highly-steamed Ham ‘N Turkey two-person Ambrose round, so get your partner organised, save up $20 each then slice and dice a sensational salad to enjoy with the meaty offerings we’ll be serving up after the stoush.

Balaklava mid week

Results from November 24. Mike Hahesy 42, Greg Sonntag 42, Merv Hameister 42, Chris Hahesy 40, Bill Berry 32, Dean Trickett 26, Jerry Toms 25, Ian Glover DNF, Les Masson DNF, John Curnow DNF.

Hamley Bridge

Ross Hienze, who has been mentioned in despatch quite frequently lately, won Thursday’s stableford competition on a count back from Roen Cameron – who has continued to make an assault on his handicap – and hole in one specialist Lance Hatcher all with 41 points, John Bell 40, Doug Cooper 39, and Merv Hamiester 38cb.
Other scores: Wim Van Pelt 38, Ian Rohde 37, Barry Schwartz, Kieth Kluske,  Bob Hillier 36, Errol Branson 35, Bob Ahola, Ron Smith 35, Ron Collins, Ed Manning 33, Helen Johnson 31, Dennis Hawke 30, and a few players with under 30.
Non-comp player: Dennis Nation 40pts. Birdies: Barry Schwartz 1, Rex Mortimer 7, Ross Hienze 17, John Bell 4, Merv Hamiester 3. Nearest The Pins: John Bell 4, Kieth Kluske 9.
Gawler golf club member Vince Zito showed his class in the wet to win Saturday’s Stableford competition with 41 points from Warren Isgar, John Mitchell 37, Wim Van Pelt, Colin Doudle and Rex Mortimer 35, all being prize winners.
Other scores: Ian Ferguson, Lance Hatcher, Bob Ahola 34, Noel Stringer, Ron Smith 32, Barry Schwartz 30, and a number of players under 30, including those who did not finish due to the weather. Errol Branson made the only Birdie (4) and Noel Stringer won Nearest The Pin on nine.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . Chris Hahesy keeps her eyes on the target as she chips onto the green.