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Ryan performs a

Ryan’s BMX world tour

Growing up in Blyth has given Ryan Lloyd plenty of space to build BMX tracks to have fun, and it has now taken him to faraway places.
The 20-year-old just returned from a trip to Europe where he was mixing with the best of the BMX world.
His two-month tour from September began in England, before travelling through Portugal, Spain and France.
Even though a head injury in Spain left Ryan watching from the sidelines for the rest of the trip, he said it was worthwhile.
“I landed on the right side of my face in Spain and hurt one side of my head pretty bad.”
“That kind of slowed me down and I couldn’t ride for the rest of the time.”
A swollen face and bloodshot eye resulted from the fall, which was enough to keep him off his bike for exploring the French riding domain.
Amazingly, for someone who spends a lot of time in the air, this was one of Ryan’s few major injuries. While he said it was a bit disappointing to get injured, the experience  of riding abroad was still amazing.
“It was really cool being in a different country and meeting so many people with the same interests,” he said.
Now back in Blyth, Ryan returned to work as a builder with his father until his next adventure takes him to another corner of the globe.
“I’d like to keep travelling and try to get to America next,” he said.
“Austin in Texas is meant to be pretty good for riding.”
Through meeting other riders in Europe, Ryan said there were plenty of opportunities to travel.
With Adelaide BMX shop Little Black Bike as his major sponsor, Ryan has been picked up by other sponsors United, Primary and Stowaway.
He’s also featured on the front page of ‘Focal Point BMX’ magazine. But despite the places he has visited, he said the BMX track right in his back yard was still good fun.
“I like the freedom to be creative and cruise around exploring new places,” he said. “I think riding is something I’ll always do,” he said.
“I’ve always done it for fun and probably always will.”
He recalls the early memories of watching the older boys in Blyth when he started riding about 10 years ago.
“I remember watching guys like Dan and Matt Richards and I used to follow what they did on the little BMX track in Blyth,” he said.
“That’s pretty much how I got involved.”
He’s now also involved in the local Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), helping to improve the Clare skatepark for other keen and future riders around the district.
“It’s good to have a bit of input into the local riding scene,” he said.