School bus action plan at Snowtown

WITH the impending cancellation of the Lochiel to Snowtown school bus route, area school principal, Cheryl Glenie, already is taking steps to secure travel arrangements to the school for affected students.
Rather than dwell on what may be lost, Ms Glenie is on the front foot, launching a bid to secure a lease vehicle that could not only maintain the bus run for students from the Lochiel area but also act as a handy travel option for the school during school hours.
“If it is at all possible to make this happen, I want to make it happen,” she said.
“We have such a lovely school here with so much potential and I don’t want to lose any students (who are going) to the school.”
Ms Glenie is yet to hear from the relevant authorities in Adelaide to confirm the route’s future one way or the other but her contingency plan will be one pushed at a joint governing council and bus route committee meeting this month.
Ms Glenie claims the initiative is also better financially than losing the six students to another school.
“Yes, it will cost money, but if we lost those students, we would lose even more money,” she said.
The suggested vehicle would seat 12 students, which would accommodate most class sizes at the school, making it perfect for school excursions.
“It is also the largest vehicle I could find where you don’t need a bus driver’s licence to drive it,” she said.