Suddenly umpires!

Peter Todd from SA Country Basketball visited Balaklava on Friday, spending an hour with young basketballers, working on skill development. Peter is pictured (centre) with, back from left: Ethan Brownlie, Lexi Taylor, Lexie Tiller (front) Lachlan Michalanney, Jacob Battle, Jazmin Fitzgerald, Emily Gaze and Brielle White.

By Three Points

Lachie legend lives. Those of you who, like Dribbler, don’t understand this, check out Tim Winton’s books at the library.unless you were at basketball Friday night!
It was Dribbler who told me Lachie’s a legend. He was not the only one, but according to Dribbler and Ray Bennett he sure is one.
On Friday night there were no referees for a number of the nine o’clock games. Lachlan Michael, bare foot but willing, took the whistle and single handedly made a game for two desperate teams, the Hawks and the Eagles. What a legend!
There were more – Jarrad Dunstan, after umpiring his very first game and then playing, took up the whistle with mate and new-to-umpiring Chris Veitch to umpire another. His mother Michelle also missed an early night to help with another game.
Another Michelle – Tiller – sacrificially again gave her best to umpire yet another game. Stephanie McArdle took the place of Kara Fiebig, if that is possible, just to make things work.
Craig Stowers then, after a torrid single handed game, continued on with young Alexander Wilson to umpire another. What legends!
But wait! There were more. Players often forget that without umpires there’s no game. Umpires try their best and as Lachie found out, it’s a lot harder than you realise. Players who just get on and play know this, and there were quite a few of them. They too can consider themselves legends.
There were plenty of exciting games again this week.
Dribbler tells me the B Men’s game between Long Plains and Magics was even when they went into the last quarter. He said he was amazed by the torrid turning under the basket by tall Bret Sharman, who put in some tough rebounds. But it was probably young Corey Temby who lifted in this last part.
Going with the flow, he put in some slick goals to seal the match for Magics. Peter McMillan and “Alby” Olsen were great support. That was Dribbler’s opinion.
Long Plains and Bulldogs played games not to be missed. They had everything. In A Women Tegan Nottle was again slick and effective for the Doggies, but Dribbler reckons things would have been different if Longies were at full strength.
Longies were too good though in the A Men, probably due to Jamie McArdle’s appearance, according to Dribbler. It was the ‘Ross Sharer show’ to me, as his basketball sense and skill gave Longies the edge. It was the third quarter that gave Young Guns their edge, outscoring Owen 12 to five. Owen nearly matched them in the last with Beau Traill trying everything. They needed a couple more three pointers. Seven were thrown in the game, five by Owen, giving Dribbler and I something to talk about.
We had plenty to talk about, especially after watching the two point game in Under 16 Boys between Bulldogs and Owen. We have some impressive talent in these younger grades. Josh Appleby opened the scoring for the Doggies and with Buzz Taylor, were the main scorers. Jayden Wedding opened the scoring for Owen, but eight of his team mates scored to give Owen the edge, Mitchell Woollatt dropping in the last two points.
One thing Dribbler noticed, and he has an opinion on everything, was that winning teams in the women had fewer fouls while in the men, they had more.
There were two other two point games, and these were in the Junior Boys and Senior Girls. The boys’ game looked liked the Bulls as for most of the game they were 10 or more up. They did win, but Samuel Carslake and Mitchell Lawrie gave it their best shot and nearly got there.
The other between Celtics and Wildcats was more defensive and tighter, with the more all round team Celtics taking out the honours. The two ‘Cs’, Ciara and Carly, played well and according to Dribbler gave their team the edge.
In Junior Girls down on court six, Dribbler watched the Suns go down with the sun in his eyes. He was told that the bench was on the eastern side to create more space and make things safer. It is a good idea, but not much fun for the watchers on the bench side. Dribbler thought he was seeing double until he realised 33 Aurora and 53 Sophia are sisters.
The Suns tried hard, but the skill and maturity of the Bulldogs gave them a big win. Blessing Nyoni caught his eye, scoring strongly at the start of the game.
Height was definitely in their favour and they seemed to enjoy playing together.
We also enjoyed the night as it was the kind of weather we want.
See you next week.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . Bulls’ John O’Mahoney jumps for a shot at goal during the Junior Boys match against the Bulldogs on Friday night; opponent Riley Chapman gets ready for the rebound.
. Georgia McArdle, Pumas, stands strong as Sonics’ Melody Bennett bumps into her enroute to goal.