Tennis results – December 1 2010

Balaklava night
Perfect conditions greeted the nighters as they started the countdown ’til the Christmas break.
The Division Two match between Lorraine Jenner’s Bananas and Fran Henderson’s Cherries was a thriller, with those bent yellow numbers scraping through by just a few games yet again, 3-27 to 3-24. The Bananas were once again assisted with the handy ex-Division One player Courtney Barkla, who played a tiebreaker in every set against direct opponent Fran! Courtney eventually took the honours 2-1, but these girls had some great rallies. Top men Bananas’ David Northcott and opponent, sweetest Cherry Wally Treverton also had a great battle, playing two tiebreakers and a 5-3. Cherries’ Diane Gregor and opponent, Glenda Shepherd, also played two ties and a 5-3. Lorraine and opponent Cherie Cleary felt left out after only having two 5-3 scores and a bit of a woopsie 7-1 score! Overall, a great match.
In the other Division Two match, Carly Gregor’s Oranges defeated the absent Kevyna Gardner’s Grapes 5-30 to 1-18. The top duo of Orange, Jarek Flight and opponent, Chris Brownlie, had 5-3s all the way through, as did newies Dee Bennett and Tanya Heslop. Sisters Carly and Sam Gregor also had 5-3s except for their set together, which they won comfortably. Opponents Sue Nicholson and Louise Read were seen ducking for cover as the Gregor girls showed their tennis prowess. Well done to Louise and Tanya who won the Grapes’ only set in another 5-3! Well done.
The Division One match between Tania ‘I’m back’ Allen’s Pears and Pauline Hill’s Plums saw Plums winning 5-31 to 1-18.  This score doesn’t indicate how close some of the sets were, with three 5-3s and a tiebreaker played, obviously all bar one going the Plums’ way. Well done to Tania and new nanna Helen Durdin on winning that set over Pauline Hill and Leonie Selleck. Pears’ Darren Scholz was outplayed by the cunning Ray Bennett. Scott McDonald, on a bye, filled in for Plum Don Veitch. Scott was pitted against Gary Wilson, these two having some excellent rallies, with every one of their sets being a 5-3 or 5-4. Scott and Pauline managed to win that tie over Gary and Helen in an excellent set.
The remaning two matches saw thousands of fill-ins, with Andrew Lane’s Olives sporting only 50 per cent of the team! Tanya Greeny is still injured after falling off her mount, and Ben Roberts will make a welcome debut next week after being a tourist for the first part of the tennis season. Now that Ben is back, Andrew is unavailable this week, so they’ll meet for the last match before Christmas. Luke Williams and Melissa Moulds played for Tanya G and Ben R, and managed to get a three in their set together against Marie Heaslip and Darren Woodroofe, while Andrew and Julia had a good win against Chris Curnow and fill-in Riley McDonald. Limes’ Chris and Marie tried hard but lost a tiebreaker to Andrew and Melissa in a hard hitting set and Darren and Riley defeated Luke and the Julia. So it was down to the last two sets, which the Olives took in thrilling fashion, a 5-3 and a tiebreaker! Final score Olives 4-25 defeated Limes 2-25.
The final Division One match saw Helen Barry’s Dates defeat the absent Louise Michael’s Figs 4-34 to 2-15. The Figs had Paul McBride and Joyful ‘I’m the new 40′ Ryan filling in. Together they got off to a rocky start, just managing to save their daks against hot Date Adam Pratt and the blonde Josie Thompson – who had told husband Paul to come home early from golf as she’d be waiting for him as she had a bye, but she was a week early! Dates’ Geoff Gardner had allowed a week to repair his sore heel so be could knock off Marty Brice, which he did in the first set. Marty regrouped and with partner Joy, gave Geoff and Josie a taste of their own medicine. In the only dak dropper of the night, Paul and Lisa had to reveal their bonds to Adam and Helen. Adam and Geoff were too strong for Paul and Marty who managed to save their jocks. Lisa and Joy pulled off an excellent tiebreaker win over Helen and Josie, to give the Figs their second set.
Until next week when we see if.the jetlagged Ben R is on fire for his first match, Joyful has recovered from her birthday bash (happy birthday Joy!), matinee Marie is going to win her tiebreakers, and Josie turns up (bets are being taken).

Lower North

Results from November 27.
Long Plains 15-107 d Nantawarra 9-90.
J Rundle, L Tynan d T Nicholls, K Williams 6-4, M Pym, K Tynan d R Maxwell, T Nicholls 7-5, B Pym, A Pym d D Woodroofe, S Tiller 6-2, P Pym, K Sammons L J Appleby, A Tiller 6-1, D Brewster, A Daniel d A Kreig, C Appleby 6-2, N Algar, P Sharer d B Taylor, A Baum 6-1.
Leah Tynan d Kirsty Williams 6-4, Karen Tynan L Tammy Nicholls 6-0, Alison Pym L Sascha Tiller 6-2, Kirsty Sammons L Abbie Tiller 6-0, Amy Daniel L Cheryl Appleby 6-2, Paul Sharer L Alison Baum 6-4.
James Rundle d Travis  Nicholls 6-4, Mark Pym d Richard Maxwell 6-3, Ben Pym d Darren Woodroofe 6-4, Peter Pym d Joshua Appleby 6-2, Daniel Brewster d Ashley Kreig 6-2, Nick Algar d Brandon Taylor 6-0.
L Tynan, K Tynan L K Williams, T Nicholls 6-3, A Pym, K Sammons L S Tiller, A Tiller 6-0, A Daniel, P Sharer L C Appleby, A Baum 6-4.
M Pym, J Rundle d T Nicholls, R Maxwell 6-0, B Pym, D Brewster d D Woodroofe, J Appleby 6-3, P Pym, N Algar d A Kreig, B Taylor 6-0.

Lower North Juniors

DIVISION 1: Owen 5-31 def. Hamley Bridge 1-14. Kieren Robinson def Joanne Humphrys 6-0, Charles Fry def Chris Redden 6-0, Jason McBride def Claire Humphrys 6-4, Brayden Harkness lost to Tristan Bell 1-6.
Balaklava Gold 5-35 def. Two Wells 1-21. Callum Michael def Shannen Weir 6-4, Hedley Greenshields def Matthew Lange 6-1, Marni Greenshields def Jamee Seccafien 6-4, Hannah Hoepner lost to Jamie Humphrys 5-6.
Balaklava Orange 4-32 def. Balaklava Green 2-21. Tate Michael def Ben Michael 6-3, Josh Appleby def Jordan Taylor 6-1, Sam Van Kleef lost to Dillon Michael 4-6, Jake Michael def Ethan May 6-1.
Long Plains v Balaklava White match not played due to rain.
Mallala 1 v Mallala 2 match not completed due to rain. 2 doubles sets decided – both won by Mallala 1.
DIVISION 2: Balaklava Black 6-36 def. Owen 0-13. Zac Scholz def Jared Pratt 6-0, Tash Greenshields def Sophie Parker 6-4, Todd Scholz def Riley Lane 6-3, Sarah Heaslip def Stacey Foale 6-3.
Hamley Bridge 5-34 def. Two Wells 1-21. Leon Rather def Renee Seccafien 6-5, Jessica Sellars lost to Megan Hatch 4-6, Amy Humphrys def Natisha Eastman 6-2, Bethany Packer def Tarsha Briscoe 6-2.
Balaklava Purple 4-33 def. Balaklava Red 2-29. Gemma Freebairn def Taylar Durdin 6-4, Ashleigh Williams def Tenneal White 6-4, Tayla Williams def Daniel Mumford 6-4, Kristy Selleck lost to Julius Rohrlach 5-6.
Mallala v Long Plains match not completed due to rain. 2 doubles sets decided – both won by Long Plains.
DIVISION 3: Balaklava Silver 5-31 def. Owen 0-12. Tyson Lamond def Jake Harkness 6-2, Billy West def Kaitlyn Lloyd 6-0, Kirrily White def Lucy Parker 6-1, Abby Martin v Teisha Harkness 1-5 (this set not completed due to rain).
Long Plains 5-33 def. Hamley Bridge 1-18. Hannah McArdle lost to Amy McCabe 3-6, Mary Hosking def Jaden Burns 6-4, Georgia McArdle def Michaela Burns 6-1, Angie Barr def Ethan Loffler 6-2.
Two Wells 1 4-33 def. Two Wells 2 2-23. Macey Briscoe def Jessica Weir 6-4, Monica Baker lost to Chelsea Rose Hoppo 4-6, Angus Tapscott def Caitlin Musolino 6-1, Jack Tapscott def Cassie Lawson 6-4.
Mallala v Balaklava Blue match not completed due to rain. Two doubles sets decided – one set each.
Division 1              Points    %
Owen                       10    75.00
Long Plains                9    78.13
Balaklava Orange       9    59.38
Balaklava Green         9    53.13
Balaklava White         8    55.56
Mallala 1                   6    57.14
Balaklava Gold           3    35.48
Hamley Bridge           3    34.38
Mallala 2                   3    34.38
Two Wells                  0    19.44
Division 2               Points    %
Long Plains               11    87.50
Mallala                      8     67.86
Balaklava Purple        8     50.00
Hamley Bridge           7     56.25
Balaklava Black          5     46.88
Balaklava Red            3     38.71
Two Wells                  3     29.03
Owen                        3     25.00

Mid North

Balaklava 23-140 d Watervale 1-39. H Barry, R Lamond d S Budarick, C Sandow 6-1, P Hill, P Barry d K Budarick, J Parish 6-2, J Harding, S McDonald d A Hopgood, F Sandow 6-1, A Battle, V Taylor d L Budarick, N Faulkner 6-2, S Lamond, A Lane d C Bowman, S Haradine 6-0, T Allen, B Michael d J Faulkner, M Faulker 6-4.
Helen Barry d Caroline Sandow 6-1, Pauline Hill d Jenny Parish 6-4, Jane Harding L Frankie Sandow 6-2, Angela Battle d Nicole Faulkner 6-3, Shelly Lamond d Shelley Haradine 6-0, Tania Allen d Millie Faulkner 6-0.
Rick Lamond d Spencer Budarick 6-3, Phil Barry d Kristian Budarick 6-0, Scott McDonald d Aaron Hopgood 6-0, Vincent Taylor d Lewis Budarick 6-0, Andrew Lane d Chad Bowman 6-0, Ben Michael d Jenny Faulkner 6-4.
H Barry, P Hill d C Sandow, J Parish 6-3, J Harding, A Battle d F Sandow, N Faulkner 6-3, S Lamond, T Allen d S Haradine, M Faulkner 6-1.
R Lamond, P Barry d S Budarick, K Budarick6-1, S McDonald, V Taylor d A Hopgood, L Budarick 6-0, A Lane, B Michael d C Bowman, J Faulkner 6-0.

The Balaklava senior side hosted Watervale with the weather fining up after a wet morning. The home side took all six mixed doubles with Shelley Lamond and Andrew Lane not dropping a game in their mixed.
Tania Allen was welcomed back, and young Ben Michael, playing his second senior match, had to rally hard to win a close 6-4.
The ladies singles saw Pauline Hill win 6-4 over stalwart Jenny Parish, while young Jane Harding met her match going down to Watervale’s Frankie Sandow. Shelley and Tania didn’t drop a game in their singles, both being quite ruthless. Helen Barry and Angela Battle had comfortable wins but not walkovers.
The middle four men, Phil Barry, Scott McDonald, Vincent Taylor and Andrew didn’t drop a game, while top man Rick Lamond pulled out the top shots to defeat Spencer Budarick  in a long 6-3, Ben defeating Jenny Faulkner 6-4. 
It was all over before the straight doubles, but some good tennis was still to be had, with the top two pairs of ladies having to work for their 6-3 wins, while Shelley and Tania won 6-1. The men had a clean sweep with Laney having mild palpitations as Ben double faulted. Luckily for Ben, he redeemed himself to win his final service game! Well done to the ruthless but highly skilled Andrew Lane who didn’t drop a game, and to Shelley who dropped only one!
Final score Balaklava 23-140 defeated Watervale 1-39.

Northern YP

Results from November 27. Lochiel 6-45 d Cunliffe White 3-30. T Nottle, J Wallis d R Mattschoss, S Browning 6-3, M Nicholls, J Bird d T Sawley, J Stevens 6-4, J Hoepner, W Wallis d W Pearce, E Sawley 6-2.
Tait Nottle d Rachel Mattschoss 6-1, Merridy Nicholls L Sarah Browning 6-3, Jake Wallis L Thomas Sawley 6-4, Jared Bird L Jarrod Stevens 6-2, Jack Hoepner d William Pearce 6-1, Will Wallis d Elizabeth Sawley 6-1.