Wooroora Men’s Bowls: Wasleys hands Balaklava another loss

josh Studham, a fresh young face for Port Wakefield Bowling Club watches his bowl during his first Division Two game.

By WMBA secretary, John Glistak

After a gloomy start to the day, bowls proceeded at all venues last Saturday with many close results being produced in both Divisions.
In Division One news, Wasleys inflicted Balaklava’s second loss in a row with a two-shot win despite having only one rink up.
Mallala also upset the more fancied Owen combination by a single shot. The final match saw Riverton comfortably defeat Port Wakefield with all rinks up.
Hamley Bridge had the bye for this weekend’s round. Riverton has extended its Division One lead to 19 points ahead of Balaklava with Hamley Bridge and Mallala both sitting a further four points behind.
The feature match this weekend will see Balaklava host Hamley Bridge in what is a crucial match for both sides.
Balaklava has a three win – three loss record, with one washed out round, so far this season compared to Hamley Bridge’s two win – one loss record and three washed out rounds.
Hamley Bridge has won their last two matches while Balaklava has now lost two in a row.
On recent form, Hamley Bridge will be favoured to inflict a further loss on Balaklava.
The Owen – Port Wakefield clash carries with it much importance as both sides strive to stay in touch with the top four.
Port Wakefield has won two of their three matches during November while Owen failed to win any of its matches.
This form would suggest that Port Wakefield may load the advantage despite the match being played at Owen.
Riverton hosts Wasleys in the final Division One match with the competition leaders favoured to extend their winning streak.
Mallala has the bye for the round.
Division One – November 27: Mallala 65(10) (I. Stuart 27, P. Furst 16, J. Evans 22) def. Owen 64(2) (B. Parker 23, G. Simpson 22, G. Harkness 19); Riverton 85(12) (B. Mullins 28, M. Griffiths 26, N. Rogers 31) def. Port Wakefield 48(0) (R. Murphy 12, M. Rankine 16, R. McQuire 16); Wasleys 63(8) (G. Rendell 23, D. McQuade 20, D. Olive 20) def. Balaklava 61(4) (T. Clifford 16, B. Taylor 22, D. Lamond 23).
Division One standings: Riverton 67 (+122), Balaklava 48 (+62), Hamley Bridge 44 (+56), Mallala 44 (-25), Port Wakefield 39 (-19), Owen 26 (-75), Wasleys 18 (-121).
Division One – December 4: Balaklava vs Hamley Bridge, Riverton vs Wasleys, Owen vs Port Wakefield, Mallala bye.

Balaklava White, Owen lead Division Two competition after close matches

Close results were the order of the day in Division Two play last weekend.
Mallala White secured a one shot victory over the more fancied Balaklava Red combination despite having only one rink up.
Riverton Black also with only one rink up secured a much needed win over Hamley Red.
Other narrow wins were recorded by Balaklava Blue and Mallala Black.
In the top of the order clash, however, Balaklava White continued as the only remaining undefeated side following their comfortable win over fellow contenders Hamley White.
Tarlee Red and Owen were also victors in the remaining matches of the round while Tarlee White had the bye for the round. The standings in Division Two now see Balaklava White and Owen lead the competition with Hamley White and Balaklava Blue taking the next two positions.
A logjam of sides follows with the next seven sides only separated by a spread of four points.
Three of this weekend’s Division Two matches feature sides from within this group of sides with results likely to go anyway given the evenness of the competition.
In other matches, Owen, Port Wakefield Blue, Balaklava White and Hamley White are likely to be too strong for their respective opponents.
Balaklava Blue has the bye for the round.
Division Two – November 27: Balaklava Blue 68(10) (P. McPharlin 18, K. Harkness 25, B. Barr 25) def. Riverton White 63(2) (L. Schwarz 22, J. Glistak 20, R. Hannaford 21); Balaklava White 81(10) (M. Olsen 29, J. Olsen 25, C. Milton 27) def. Hamley White 68(2) (J. Bell 23, A. Fyfe 26, M. Nichols 19); Mallala Black 77(9) (K. McDonald 22, B. Whyte 27, B. Hill 28) def. Port Wakefield Blue 72(3) (P. Fontaine 29, B. Hogben 27, S. Reimers 16); Tarlee Red 70(11) (M. Butler 22, D. Meyers 21, F. Gorey 27) def. Wasleys 57(1) (S. Edlington 17, J. McDonnell 21, J. Williamson 19); Owen 75(12) (K. Warnes 30, P. Sullivan 24, L. Hean 21) def. Port Wakefield Gold 61(0) (A. Brown 23, A. Carslake 19, T. Cluse 19); Mallala White 73(8) (J. Curnow 21, G. Forrest 18, M. King 34) def. Balaklava Red 72(4) (C. Cowan 30, G. Heffernan 31, K. Cottle 11); Riverton Black 76(8) (P. Gates 31, P. Kelly 24, R. Schulz 21) def. Hamley Red 61(4) (B. Morris 13, R. French 26, G. Schilling 22).
Division Two standings: Balaklava White 65 (+92), Owen 62 (+93), Hamley White 56 (+39), Balaklava Blue 51 (+3), Port Wakefield Gold 46 (+26); Balaklava Red 45 (+34), Riverton Black 45 (+9), Tarlee White 44 (+16), Tarlee Red 44 (-11.5), Mallala White 43 (+17), Hamley Red 42 (-9), Port Wakefield Blue 39 (-28), Riverton White 36 (-14), Wasleys 28 (-152),  Mallala Black 26 (-108.5).
Division Two – December 4: Tarlee White vs Hamley Red, Riverton Black vs Mallala White, Balaklava Red vs Owen, Port Wakefield Gold vs Tarlee Red, Wasleys vs Port Wakefield Blue, Mallala Black vs Balaklava White, Hamley White vs Riverton White, Balaklava Blue bye.

PHOTOS BELOW, from left: . PETER Sullivan, Owen watches on as Allen Carslake, Port Wakefield gives his teammate a line.
. Another new bowler for Port Wakefield, Rod Gordon.
. Owen’s Adrian Wandel prepares to bowl.
. Port Wakefield’s Jarrad Olsen demonstrates precision as he sends one down.