The town that would not drown

RESIDENTS of Stockport remain upbeat as the clean up makes slow but steady progress six weeks after a torrent of water ripped through the heart of the town.
Most of the hard rubbish and destroyed furniture is gone, people are busily cleaning their homes and in some cases, steadily renovating what was severely damaged merely a month and a half ago.
Remnants of the December 8 floods still linger, some buildings crumbled and beyond repair, while silt and reeds still litter unoccupied properties throughout the community.
With several sandbags sitting at the ready by the front door of  her Stockport home, Rachele Beer said recent warnings of another possible 100 millimetres of rain had the town on edge.
“Everyone is a bit nervous still, so we had the sandbags there just in case,” she said.
Mrs Beer is well aware of the long road ahead for the town, with roads and telecommunications high on her priority list.
“It’s going to be a two year repair job. Our roads are trashed,” she said.
“(The phone coverage) is almost gone now. We can’t get service at all some nights.”
But overall, the town was once again a serene spot, last Friday bathed in sunshine as people went about their business as usual.
No longer were people roaming the streets aimlessly, there were no tears, no anguish, just praise for all the help in recent weeks and hope as the recovery effort continues.
“The State government was awesome,” Mrs Beer said.
“Slowly council work is starting to trickle through the town, which is good to see.
“Housing SA, (Families and Communities Minister) Jennifer Rankine and the overall generosity of this and other communities was unbelievable.”
Three carloads of youths from the Clovercrest Baptist Church arrived one day to help clean out the small sports shed.
Mrs Beer and husband Paul hosted a Christmas Eve barbecue and were shocked to receive a generous donation of $550 worth of gift cards for Bunnings, Coles and Myer, two huge meat trays from Gerry’s Meat Store in Dublin and a big bag of dog food.
According to Mrs Beer, the donation was delivered by “Bec and Ash from the Thompson Beach and Dublin communities.”
The card read: “Merry Christmas from our community to your community.”