Local growers meet demand for vegetables

SOUTH Australians should not be too concerned about the price of fresh produce rising following the recent flooding interstate.
“South Australia is a fantastic grower for premium fruit and vegetable lines,” said Adelaide Produce Market marketing and business development manager, Julian Carbone.
Mr Carbone said supply and wholesale prices for most fruit and vegetables were stable.
“Our local produce is abundant in supply and is not currently affected by the floods.”
The Virginia, Two Wells, Gawler River and many other local areas provide much of the State’s fresh vegetables.
Mr Carbone said there was no truth to rumours regarding a rapid rise in prices due to flooding in Queensland and New South Wales.
In fact, some circumstances have seen the opposite occur.
“Some fruit and vegetable lines (are) even facing dramatic reductions in price due to oversupply,” Mr Carbone said.
He said asparagus, cherries, oranges, seedless watermelon, cabbage, lettuce, onion, pumpkin, carrot, mushroom, potato and most apple varieties were in good supply.
“Their wholesale prices are either the same or are less when compared to before the floods took effect,” Mr Carbone said.