Special thanks from Stockport community

ON the night of December 7, after torrential rain fell throughout the Gilbert Valley, the township of Stockport was hit with a deluge of storm and river water.
Out of about 67 houses, 47 were flooded and to this day, 13 are still uninhabitable. Tragically, since then many other communities in Australia have suffered the same fate – some on a scale that is nearly impossible to comprehend.
The problems we, as a community, have encountered seem to be mirrored throughout the flooded areas.
These include damage to housing, major infrastructure, roads and verges, the huge task of disposing of household goods and debris, health issues, emergency accommodation, clothing and food, insurance issues, instances of people not respecting other’s property and a general feeling of helplessness. Where do we start?
Even though we are only in the early stages of rebuilding, we would like to thank the many people who have helped us to this stage.
From the personal visit of Premier Mike Rann, the ongoing support of the Minister for Families and Communities, Jennifer Rankine, the State Recovery Committee through Ronnie Faggotter and their allied agencies, we have been able to access emergency funding and services for affected families
The State government’s commitment of $100,000 is greatly appreciated as we rebuild our town.
The ongoing support from our Federal MP Nick Champion and State member, Geoff Brock are valued greatly.
Though our local Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council has sustained major damage throughout its region, its officers have been unswerving in their commitment to the town.
The volunteer organisations such as SES, CFS, Salvation Army and local Lions Club made tremendous contributions immediately after the flood.
To the many volunteers and silent angels, we say ‘thank you’.
It is a tremendous boost to the town’s morale when families make a commitment to rebuild their lives in exactly the same place, even after the cruel hand mother nature has dealt. The help everyone has given will ensure that you haven’t heard the last of the town of Stockport.
Brian Koch, chairman of the Stockport Recovery Committee, on behalf of the Stockport community.