Share farm or lease?

Workshops investigate costs, risks and opportunities

Leasing and share-farming provides opportunities for landholders who look to exit or stand aside from the physical side of farming activities, while still maintaining ownership of their property or land base.
Leasing and share-farming also provides opportunities for farmers looking to grow the scale of their farming businesses by sourcing leasing and share-farming arrangements.
“While there are some excellent opportunities with leasing and share-farming land, there are also a number of risks that need to be managed” according to Simon Vogt, a consultant with Rural Directions Pty Ltd.
“From the landowner’s perspective, it is important to source a tenant or share-farmer who will manage the property in a manner which is consistent with their requirements,” Simon said.
“From the tenant or share-farmer’s perspective, it is important the leasing or share-farming opportunity is priced or structured correctly so it fits an appropriate risk profile for the business to take on and manage.”
If you have an interest in leasing and share-farming, as either a landowner or a farmer looking to grow the scale of your business, Rural Directions is offering an excellent course titled “Leasing and Share-farming – from both sides of the fence” tomorrow (Thursday) at Jamestown and on Monday, February 14 at Freeling.
The full day course considers the strengths and weaknesses of leasing and share-farming models in detail.
It also investigates a number of valuation methodologies applied to land available for lease.
The course also considers the impact taking on a leasing or share-farming opportunity can have on a farm business.
As the success of leasing and share-farming arrangements ultimately comes down to the strength and quality of the working relationship between the landholder and the tenant or share-farmer, the course also introduces some principles relating to how this relationship is managed so it becomes mutually beneficial.
“Don’t miss this workshop if you want to increase your confidence in being able to assess leasing or share-farming  from each perspective, execute and manage such opportunities and integrate them into your existing business,” said Simon.
•To register, contact Rural Directions Pty Ltd on 8842 1103.