YAC group wants you as part of the crew

“Get involved” is the message from

SPELLING out the benefits of YAC (from left) Amy Nottle, Tegan Nottle and Andrea Fisher.

members of Wakefield Regional Council’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC).
Young people are being encouraged to contribute to YAC in an effort to increase awareness and improve opportunities for youth in the region.
Amy Nottle, 16, has been involved with the committee for three years, and said it was a great thing to be involved with.
“We get to make our opinion count and organise things for young people,” Amy said.
She said the group had organised numerous events but still needed more support from all the young people in the region.
“Not everybody knows what we’re about,” she said.
“We organise events for Youth Week and we’re involved with BobFest, and also support local kids with grants.”
Her cousin Tegan Nottle, also 16, joined the committee about a year ago.
She said she enjoyed working with “cool people” in a team environment. “We’ve run some successful events, but it takes a bit of motivating to get other people involved,” she said.
“We usually have to get their friends involved.”
She said Balaklava had “it pretty good” in terms of facilities for kids.
“YAC makes sure there are things to do in the holidays,” she said.
“So instead of whining that there’s nothing to do, young people should tell us what they want,” she said.
Andrea Fisher, 22, agreed, saying the committee is about youth helping youth.
“Kids are always complaining that there’s nothing to do, but we need their support so we know what they want, as far as age ranges go,” she said.
Although she was bribed by a free meal into attending a YAC meeting a few months ago, she said it had been well worth it.
“I’m definitely happy I went. I feel like I’m doing something for the region and the kids,” she said.
The committee recently decided to present a bi-monthly award to someone in the community who has contributed positively to the youth in the district.
The first award went to Peter Rohrlach, who has been lobbying for a skatepark in Balaklava for 10 years. Recipients receive a voucher to the value of $50.
The group is planning to take 50 people aged 12–25 on the One and All sailing ship in April school holidays this year.
The One and All Youth Development Program is unique in South Australia.
Trainees must learn to work together in an isolated, unfamiliar and adventure-based environment.
To be involved, contact David Woodroofe at Wakefield Regional Council on 8862 0800.