Exciting games! But who was watching?

  • By Three Points

Where were the spectators?! There were many captivating and exciting games, but few people saw them.
The A Men and Women competitions are arguably the closest they have been for years. What they need is active support!
Dribbler was amazed by the thrilling game between Long Plains and Bulldogs. It was terrific, with both sides playing great defensive basketball.
There were many moments when the crowd should have shouted loudly, like when Tammy Nicholls elusively moved along the base line to catch a beautiful pass and put one in. Or when Kerri Blackwell, at full speed, wove around ‘tall timber’ to put in another one. Lets hope their next play-off is seen by more.
Long Plains Men seem to have come of age with a great blend of players. They are going to be hard to beat if big Will Banton and jumpy Jamie McArdle continue to play like winners. It was obvious from the start they would win the game, but watching good basketball is what Dribbler likes to do and with the young Bulldog team doing their best, Dribbler certainly enjoyed it. The two ‘Ds’ in Dylan Smith and Dallas Hill have some great basketball in them and will only get better.
Dribbler finally found an Under 18 game to talk about. Those McIntyre boys, Charlie and Mitchell, gave Dribbler a treat as it looked like Long Plains were going to topple the Doggies. Only one point separated them. Dribbler reckons it will be different next time.
Rachel Dunstan managed to stop Dribbler. She played some great basketball but her efforts were not enough to push over the Pumas.
Sarah Heaslip was another standout who got Dribbler talking. Along with Kirrily White, she gave her team the edge over the ‘super’ Sonics. Dribbler is a bit biased and doesn’t realise that it takes a team to make a game.
The Redleg boys in the Juniors impressed me. They seem to know how to play as a team. As we come to the end of the season, it will be interesting to see if it is the individuals who make the difference or the team play.
There will be some good games next week, so let’s hope they get the support they deserve. See you at the basketball!

SUPPORTING THEIR MATES: Jess Angel and Ashley Krieg cheer on their mates in the Under 18 Boys game on Friday night.
Mavericks’ Luke Williams looks to dribble around Owen’s Tom Lloyd in Under 18 Boys.
JESS Neilson, Pumas is caught up in a tussle with Balaklava’s Jenna Koch in the A Women’s game on Friday night.
Hannah McArdle, Pumas is chased by Balaklava’s Chelsea Koch in the A Women’s game.