Finals time! Competition heats up as teams ‘get serious’

The finals are here!

Kirsty Williams in action for Bulldogs on Friday night.

Dribbler has been waiting for them. His team knew that they would make the finals, as there were only four teams.
It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm with so few teams. The Association will have to look at how they can make next year better.
At least basketball was played! Dribbler reckons we need to extend our area and play against clubs from Clare and Gilbert Valley, particularly in the senior grades. It could mean that the players who were out for a social game could do just that, and those who want to develop a team and be challenged could do that too. Everyone has an opinion on what should be done, but until now nothing much has been done. There have been meetings with both associations but with the building of another court, the time is now.

Shauni Tiller, Caitlyn Auerbach, Bianca Sellar, Tayla Pascoe and Ashley Krieg were supporting their mates Friday night.

Our highest grades in seniors and juniors need to play against more teams. There could be an eight or 10 team competition for men, women, boys and girls representing each of the clubs. The rest of the players could play socially on Friday nights, with social seniors and juniors placed in teams to make a fun competition.
Anyway, the finals are here and a few games

B MEN: Auburn Hawks Jackson Ey watches on as teammate Josh Hicks defends against Paul Sharer, Long Plains.

reflected the desire to show teams are now serious. Long Plains A women put to bed the possibility of Bulldogs rolling them. The addition of Kerry Noll has put them almost out of reach. Even with Nadine Wehr playing, who Dribbler reckons is one of the best players on the Plains, they couldn’t hold Longies back.
The Owen girls, however, showed they might just be coming good at the right time with a one point win over Storm who, with youngsters Jena Koch, Jane Harding and Alexandra Wilson is fairly formidable in its own right. If the umps let the game go, Dribbler reckons things could happen. The Owen team have some strong youngsters who know how to take it up to other players, and if the game was on boards they would be more lethal.
Long Plains in the A Men seem to have also stamped their name on the trophy. However Owen also look like they are thinking about challenging them. Andrew Kielczynski is in scintillating form and with young Brandon Merry giving them another strong option, could topple the giants.
Dribbler reckons Young Guns are spent and their hopes are now dreams of the past. If they were like football and promoted their better players instead of having them dominate the B’s, things could be different. Maybe they will – they could do with a three point shooter like Lachlan Michael. If they don’t, the Peckers are certain to take out the B Men.
The other three teams are evenly matched as the draw between Auburn Hawks and Longies shows.

Clinton Jenkin, Long Plains and Josh Hicks, Auburn Hawks both jump at the ball.

The Senior Girls competition is similar, with Bulldogs having the outstanding team with the others all around the mark. Wildcats look like contenders and with consistent Tenayah Renshaw and tenacious Brittany Koch, are capable of combining to threaten their position. The game this week will definitely confirm this.
Junior Girls have a larger group and I hear that all will participate in the finals. Sounds like a good idea to me.
Bulldogs again have the outstanding team, with Natasha Greenshields and Tayla Williams growing strong after a tough 2010.
Dribbler reckons Owen should be an outside chance. The Sharks, Sonics and Suns have tried hard all year and should have a fun competition in what could be won by any of them.
Junior Boys have given us many great games over the year, and it would be expected that our Under 12 association teams should do well. Tyler Moulds and Joshua Studham, to name two, are classy players and would benefit from playing in the carnival.
Bulldogs have the outstanding team in this competition too. Is it the feeding or the breeding? Time will tell.
See you at the game!


Adelaide Plains Basketball Association premiership ladder as at March 4, 2011.


Long Plains 58 (W.Banton 27, J.McArdle 13, R.Sharer 10) d Bulldogs 35 (J.Kelly 12, D.Smith 10, B.Shepherd 9). Owen 43 (A.Kielczynski 25, N.Pengelly 9, A.Pratt 5) d Young Guns 35 (J.Walker 13, B.Michael, L.Guy 7).


Auburn Hawks 28 (S.Noack 12, J.SMith 7, K.Allen 5) drew Longies 28 (B.Sharman 12, C.Jenkin 4, A.Sharman 4). Peckers 48 (L.Michael 20, T.Michael 16, J.Henderson 6) d Magics 36 (R.McPharlin 10, L.Olsen 10,  G.Palmer 7).


Long Plains 35 (D.Haynes 12, M.McIntyre 12, C.McIntyre 4) d Bulldogs 27 (Z.Zilm 11, H.Greenshields 6, T.Williams 5). Owen 33 (T.Shepherd 10, L.Williams 10, D.Pfeiffer 4) d Mavericks 28 (T.Shepherd 10, L.Williams 10, D.Pfeiffer 4).


Owen 38 (J.Wedding 12, J.Harkness 10, M.Woollatt 7) d Bulldogs 31 (B.Taylor 22, J.Alsop, J.Appleby 4). Broncos 49 (Z.Scholz 16, J.Michael 11, J.Speissegger 10) d Redlegs 28 (C.Veitch 12, J.Wehr 10, B.Krieg 4).

Junior BOYS

Bulldogs 45 (J.Studham 22, S.Carslake 13, A.Deer 6) d Rockets 40 (L.Mathew 16, N.McArdle 10, J.Baker 6). Falcons 42  (D.Page 16, T.Scholz 10, A.Lawless 6) d Bulls 33 (J.Butterfield 19, S.Michael 10, B.Barber 2). Redlegs 55 (T.Moulds 25, N.Studham 24, W.Dixon 4) d Swish 16 (J.Tiller 10, C.Lane 4, J.Heaslip 2).


Long Plains 45 (J.Fiebig 12, C.Fiebig 11, K.Noll 11) d Bulldogs 33 (T.Nottle 10, N.Wehr 9, K.Williams  8 ). Owen 30 (B.Wedding 10, P.Florence 6) d Storm 29 (J.Harding 8, J.Koch 8, A.Wilson  8 ).


Cats 35 (C.Stone 13, S.Mugge 10, N.Andriske 6) d Thunder 22 (N.McCracken 8, C.Barlow 4, H.Shepherd 4). Lightning 56 (L.Michael 21, M.Veitch 12, M.Manuel  8 ) d Eagles 5 (K.Harrison 2, A.Williams 2, H.Hoepner 1). Redlegs 43 (S.Moulds 14, K.Marshall 12, R.Dixon 9) d Owen 3 (A.Warner 3).

Senior GIRLS

Bulldogs 58 (H.Hoepner 14, A.Williams 14, A.Deer 10) d Owen 19 (A.arsden 8, R.Fritz 5, K.Graham 4). Wildcats 32 (T.Renshaw 9, B.Koch 7, S.Faehrmann 6) d Celtics 29 (T.White 10, S.Tiller 8, C.Williams 5).

Junior GIRLS

Bulldogs 35 (T.Williams 15, N.Greenshields 8, B.Nyoni  8 ) d Breezers 19 (K.Wedding 10, M.Merry 4, T.Harkness 3). Sonics 22 (K.Selleck 8, E.Cunningham 4, A.Langdon 4) d Suns 21 (C.Pennycuick 10, S.Wehr 8, A.Allen 2). Strykers 32 (K.Gregory 21, T.Gregory 7, E.Mahony 2) d Sharkes 23 (S.Heaslip 10, K.White 7, C.Nesbitt 6).