The Leopard has landed

  • Bronte Hewett reports

    TWO Wells RSL members John Allen (left) and Tony Flaherty with Federal Wakefield MP, Nick Champion. On the tank are Nick Femia and Rick Martin, who donated the concrete base.

For those who haven’t noticed, a Leopard tank has arrived at Two Wells war memorial but not without significant effort from members of Two Wells RSL and a big transport operation.
One of 30 in Australia, the historic tank was granted to Two Wells RSL late last year.
The tank was delivered last Friday on the back of truck, with a crane lifting the 42 tonne artefact onto a prepared cement slab.
RSL president, Tony Flaherty, said the tank was an asset for the RSL, local businesses and the community.
“All day Saturday, there were people taking photos of the tank,” Mr Flaherty said.

The tank attracted plenty of attention from locals (from left) Kate Coombe holding Cassidy Coombe, Lisa Flaherty, Rebecca Ielasi, Val Flaherty and Bernie Ielasi.

But despite the prospect of a tourist attraction, Mr Flaherty said people shouldn’t lose sight of the tank’s origins.
“It’s important they remember the futility of war and the people who died wearing a uniform– both men and women,” he said.

“If everybody gets something out of it, it keeps the community spirit alive.”
Mr Flaherty said most of the

Crane driver Stewart Todd looks very pleased with his effort.
District Council of Mallala councillor Mark Wasley, councillor Terry Keen, Two Wells librarian Kimberley Hargrave and councillor Steve Jones on their way to inspect the tank.
Taking a close look inside are Rebecca Freeman (left) and Krystal Duffy.
Interested spectators were (from left) Dave and Betty Body and Lionel and Maria Aunger.

concrete and labour for the concrete slab, which has cost other councils up to $20,000, was donated. “It cost us $500,” he said.
Milagro construction and Primax concrete SA donated their time and resources for the tank.
Local business owners are also getting into the theme.
Takeaway shop owner Trish Hardiman said Two Wells Snack Bar would introduce a ‘tank burger’.
The RSL plans to release t-shirts with the phrase ‘I got tanked in Two Wells’, which will also feature a picture of the tank.
Those locals worried about graffiti can be assured members of RSL are doing all they can to minimise the chance of vandalism.
It was sprayed with special anti-graffiti paint.
“If they graffiti it, we can wash it off easily,” Mr Flaherty.
While the tank is now welded shut, lucky members of the public were able to view the inside in personalised tours by Army Sergeant Lindsay Martin.
The four seater tank features a firing distance of 6km with ammunition weighing 40kg.
A plaque with information about the German-built tank will also be added to the war memorial soon.