Viterra considers feedback

BULK grain handler Viterra has completed its consultation stage on its own internal harvest review.
The company circulated a survey to growers earlier this month and held several meetings around the state to gain feedback for its report.
Post Harvest Review Working Group chair, Rob Kerin, said the group’s efforts had been fairly comprehensive.
“The working group met with key stakeholder groups, including growers, industry bodies and carriers,” he said.
“We invited a range of people to each meeting and the process allowed for everyone to be involved in a vigorous and constructive discussion about the issues experienced last harvest. (Now) we’ve completed the consultation phase, we will consider all of the feedback we’ve received from the meetings, the outcomes of the grower questionnaire and written submissions in developing our recommendations for Viterra management.
Mr Kerin said the work group will work hard to achieve a timely report release date.
“The working group will provide its recommendations to Viterra management by the end of May,” he said. “Viterra will publicly release the report with the recommendations and its response by the end of June.”
Mr Kerin said the company has also already begun responding to feedback, employing 200 extra permanent staff prior to the next harvest.