Highway One gets a change of name

WRC Western ward councillor John Kipling shows the new name ... Augusta Highway.

Les Pearson reports

THE stretch of National Highway One, between Port Wakefield and Port Augusta, will be officially renamed as Augusta Highway.
It was renamed as part of the State government’s rural property addressing process.
The Commissioner of Highways has approved a number of road name changes across the state.
The changes form part of the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI) roll-out of a standard rural property addressing system across the state, requiring every road to have an official name.
Western Ward councillors for Wakefield Regional Council, John Kipling and Darryl Pain, were both content to have the highway renamed.
“As long as tourists know where they’re going, it shouldn’t be too much of a significant change,” Cr Pain said.
As an ambulance officer, Cr Pain said he regularly hears the stretch of road called many different names, including Princes Highway and Snowtown road.
Funnily enough, Cr Kipling, who owns a bakery on the highway in Port Wakefield, also recently came across the Snowtown reference when he looked at the official address of his shop, Lot 10, Snowtown road.
“I don’t know where or when Snowtown road came in,” he said.
“As a youngster, I always thought it was Highway One.”
Cr Kipling was also satisfied with the name change.
“I don’t think the name change was necessary, however, it is more appropriate,” he said.
“I don’t think people will be too upset, it won’t affect anyone.”
Another recent name change approval included the new Horrocks Highway – the road formerly called Main North Road, from Gawler to Wilmington (via Clare) and the Wilmington to Quorn road.
All local councils along the route have agreed to this new name in accordance with a long-standing submission from the Mount Horrocks Historical Society.