Town hall in funding win

BALAKLAVA Town Hall will retain its previous funding arrangement with Wakefield Regional Council after mayor, James Maitland, had the casting vote when councillors were split down the middle on the matter. Read the full story in our online edition:

Farm pipeline concern

A GROUP of farmers in the path of the proposed $5 billion infrastructure corridor to transport iron ore from the Braemar region in the state’s north east have banded together in the hope of having their concerns heard. Read the full story in our online edition:

Our Holden connection

Whether it be sentimental, traditional, or just because they like the look of them, Holden owners have their cars for different reasons, as these four Balaklava men will agree. Marc van Kleef, Wayne “Wally” Treverton, Andrew Manuel and Jordan Taylor all own a Holden of a different make and model, and are proud of it! […]