Shirley back at school with best buddies

Former teacher, Shirley Bradock, went back to school last Friday at Balaklava Primary, to present each Reception student with their own ‘School Start Buddy’ kit.
The kit, snuggled in a durable wooden box, consists of alphabet letters, white board and textas, magnets and more, to help make learning fun for new school students.
Shirley’s late husband, Les, was principal at Balaklava Primary back in the mid to late 1970s, and Shirley said she wanted to do something for the school in his memory, so when she heard about the educational Buddy kits from her grand daughter, Sharona Edwards, she approached the school.
Sharona is a teacher at Loxton Primary and has been handing out the kits for a while, and said they have been a big hit!

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