Robert and Pat’s pet dragon

There’s a couple of different type of green thumbs in the town!

Locals, Robert and Pat Van Der Sman, have some unusual fruit and vegetables growing in their garden, such as dragon fruit, avocado, mango, macadamia and West Indian limes.

While some plants are not really native to this area, Robert and Pat said they like the challenge of growing different things.

Robert and Pat used to live in the Northern Territory, and moved to Whitwarta 21 years ago, then to Port Wakefield.

While in NT, they grew limes, lemons, custard apples, among other things.

“We started growing some from seed in pots, such as the mango tree three years ago, and this year is the first time the macadamia nut tree has fruited,” they said.

They also grew the West Indian lime tree from a seed.

“The West Indian limes were fed to Captain Cook’s crew to prevent scurvy, and we use the limes and leaves in curries.”

The avocado tree was bought as a grafted tree, which Robert says is the way to ensure you get its fruit!

They do grow ‘normal’ things too like apples, pears, mandarins and more!

“Last year, we picked 13 and a half kg of cherries off one tree!”

We know what they ate Christmas Day!

Does anyone else grow odd things?

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