Cats win choccies in thriller

North Clare v Blyth/Snowtown

A1 – North Clare 40 def by Blyth/Snowtown 42

The game, from start to finish, was extremely close.

North’s defence worked hard, while Blyth/Snowtown’s Holly Ottens drove well throughout the court.

North wasn’t utilising turnovers, seeing them go down in a nail biter.

It was quite a physical game with both teams pleased no further injuries occurred.

A2 – North Clare 52 def Blyth/Snowtown 45 

Brilliant intercepts by North’s Jess Aucote in defence.

Robyn Coles made her debut in the A2s for North Clare, well done.

Neve Pratt work hard in Blyth/Snowtown’s attacking end, with Jayne Atkinson providing opportunities in the defence for Blyth/Snowtown.

B1 – North Clare 38 def by Blyth/Snowtown 56 

A hard fought contest for half a game of netball, seeing Blyth/Snowtown capitalising better on the turnovers in the third quarter and running away with the win.

Great shooting by Blyth/Snowtown’s Jessica Burns.

B2 – North Clare 42 def by Blyth/Snowtown 53

A great game of netball played saw a very even contested game.

Both teams’ defensive ends were tight and put the pressure on the shooters – beautiful passages of play and great fighting for the ball.

Blyth/Snowtown did some strategic changes in the last quarter and saw it run away with the win.

C1 – North Clare 44 def Blyth/Snowtown 28 

A tough game with brilliant defence work from both teams.

Lots of pressure over the ball made it hard to move freely and tough for the shooters.

Alison Fuller worked hard for North creating many turnovers.

Kristie Brackstone work hard for the Cats and shot well.

North was just too strong.

C2 – North Clare 61 def Blyth/Snowtown 19 

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