Food allergies: How do I know if that’s what is making me sick?

It would be fair to say there is a lot of confusion in the general public about the role “healthy” foods play in creating illness or unpleasant symptoms.

“How could organic wholemeal bread be ’bad’ for me? Surely dairy products can’t give me migraines? Anyway, if I was allergic to my favourite foods, wouldn’t I know within a few minutes or so?

The fact is, the incidence of food allergies is rising rapidly and there are many reasons why:

• The lining of our gut is our first line of defence from developing food allergies because it is supposed to stop food particles getting into our blood stream. Modern diet and lifestyle is promoting what is now called, ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. As larger than normal food fragments enter the blood through a ‘Leaky Gut’, the immune system can be provoked to react and produce antibodies that start a process of defending the body from an ‘invader’. This chain reaction also involves creating inflammation.

Inflammation “accidently” affecting body tissues can be the start of a myriad of ‘symptoms’. If joints are inflamed, we call it arthritis. If our brain and its vessels are inflamed, we call it a headache, migraine or depression, etc. So, looking after our digestion with a ‘clean diet’, plus fostering good bacterial numbers helps.

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