Virginia topples A1 table-toppers

Virginia (45) def Mallala (44)

MALLALA have finally been defeated after the ninth round, with Virginia winning by a single goal in a nail-biter.

“We had a really slow start, which had us down by six after the first quarter,” Mallala coach, Carissa Buckley said.

“Virginia found their way into the goal circle a lot easier than us, we had to work really hard for each goal.”

Virginia made changes to their starting seven, with Tayla Hurst in GD, Hailey Maiden in WD and best on court, Tracey Aguis in C, which was clearly a winning combination.

The second quarter was won by Mallala, who pulled their way back to within three goals of Virginia.

Proving why they are top of the ladder, Mallala continued to push ahead in the third quarter to put themselves in front by one.

Mallala’s Lauren Canciani took to the court in the third as GK, and Rachel Dunstan replaced Brooke Wilson in GA.

“Unfortunately, there were quite a lot of unforced errors due to the defensive pressure put on by Mallala,” Trask surmised from Virginia’s third quarter.

The final result came down the last seconds of the game, when Virginia was able to sneak ahead by just one goal.

“Mikaela Purdie played the best game all year with 42 goals scored out of our 45,” Trask said.

‘To come away with the win, I am so proud of the girls.”

Mallala will play Two Wells next round who have been playing quality netball over their past few games.

Quarter scores (Virg-Mal): Q1 17-11, Q2 26-23, Q3 37-38, Q4 45-44. Best players Tracey Agius (Virg) & Michelle Montgomerie (Mal)

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