Our Phil’s a real ‘purler….’


In September 2016, Mill Court resident, Phil Corcoran, was asked to knit some coat hanger covers to enter in the Balaklava Show.

So she whipped some up, and won first prize!

Phil got the bug, and there has been no stopping her ever since, and now knits two to three covers each day.

Phil, who recently turned 90, knits the covers, which are then sewn around padded hangers by lifestyle co-ordinator, Gaile Tobin.

The coat hangers, which come in a variety of colours including Port Power and Crows colours, have been sold to residents, family, friends and visitors, three for $10.

Many people have generously donated hangers or wool to use that has saved on their expenses, so if you have any at home, you know what to do with them!

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