CDHA United’s runaway win

Clare United came out hard with a fast start and put Nuriootpa’s defence to the test a number of times, defending short corners, before breaking through in field play at the seven minute mark with a top goal finished by Thomas Lymburn.

At the restart, Nuri tried to battle forward but United’s mid field and back line were just too strong, which resulted in them rebounding forward with great strength.

Nuri tried gallantly, however United peppered the goals, but were astray on both sides until a short corner no. six was won.

A slight variation was used with United’s Owen Jenner smashing the goal’s back board and it was 2-nil.

After the half time break, Nuri tried to get the upper hand and it did for a while, but the great skills of United’s goal keeper, Jarrod Clarke, made two great saves.

From then on it was mostly an end to end game, mainly because United kept missing the goals and there weren’t any great saves by Nuri’s defence.

The game finished 2–0 – a good win by Clare United.