Barossa Valley Association B Men

CDHA United 2 drew with AM United Blue 2

Goals: CDHA United – James Forrest, Kevin Marriott;  AM United Blue: Craig Johnson, Jarrod Warren

AM United Blue 2 Vs Clare & District United 2

Clare United came out hard right from the start, using its structure well and penetrating AMUB’s goal circle but couldn’t get one in the net until the 11-minute mark. James Forrest was first to score, resulting from a driving run in to the circle. Clare’s defence was working well with intercepts in AMUB’s defensive half, preventing them even getting past the half way mark.

They continued to pepper the goals with shots going left and right. Seven minutes later after a great pass back by Tim Heslop through the traffic, Clare’s Fletcher Thomas smashed the backboard with a great drive from the top of the circle.

Clare continued to pressure AMUB but just weren’t able to get another score on the board. Clare’s intensity started to drop late in the half, AMUB had a chance but couldn’t make it past goal keeper Jarod Clarke.

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