Tuning up for big show

Balaklava Eisteddfod Society (BES) president, Bronny Cottle, said Saturday is also going to be a big day with 397 entries – 87 more than last year – representing 400 performers, across six disciplines at six venues around the town.

“This has resulted in a very long day on Saturday, especially at vocal, contemporary vocal and musical theatre, which will now go from 9am until 9.30pm,” Bronny said.

“We explored the option of opening another venue, however this did not solve the complex problem.”

“Also, we have had to appoint extra adjudicators and double up some of our teams of volunteers.”

Bronny said BES was very grateful to all helpers, caterers and sponsors, and about 170 volunteers who ‘make the whole event happen,’ but would love more help on any of the days, so please contact her on 0428 631 243 if you’d like to be involved.