Baderloo – more of everything

Baderloo Poll Merinos are ‘the genetic solution to more meat, more wool, more lambs and no mulesing,’ according to the Hammat family of Spalding, based on the genetic capabilities of their flock of productive Poll Merino sheep built up over the last two decades of dedicated breeding.

When researching their history, selection methods and management principles, it’s relatively easy to establish the claims are very credible.

Baderloo has been using Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for carcase traits such as muscling and fat, since its inception in the Sheep Genetics Merino Select program.

While there are few flocks that can match this record, proof of the carcase quality of Baderloo Poll Merinos is supported by results at the recent Thomas Foods Booborowie Lamb competition, where five pens of three lambs excelled, and its top pen beaten only by a specialist terminal meat breed by 0.7 per cent.

Using Merino Select ASBVs, Baderloo ranks exceptionally highly for clean fleece weight, and the extreme staple length allows two shearings per year, yet easily meets wool mill preferences for staple length.

Sires in its flock consistently measure 110mm staple length at six months.

Lambing percentages are excellent, consistently averaging more than 130 per cent lambs weaned.

This year, Hammat’s have recorded 154 per cent lambing, including one mob at 165 per cent, and with current returns for wool and meat, this is highly profitable!

Baderloo Poll Merino sheep are plain bodied, free of folds, wrinkle and ripple, especially around the breech area.

Baderloo’s open inspection day is on Sunday, August 6 from 12.30pm, with a Helmsman auction of their top six rams at 2.30pm, and private sales starting two days later.