Residents urged to raise foodbowl plan concerns

The Northern Food Bowl Protection Areas Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is now open for public consultation, and Mallala resident Neil Tiller is urging ratepayers to make themselves aware of what the changes mean for the Adelaide Plains Council area.
Essentially the DPA seeks to increase the localised horticultural area (the southern portion of the council area) to include some 28,000 hectares of primary production land, which is characterised currently by broadacre farming.
With the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) on track to deliver an initial 12 gigalitres of water each year from 2019, the area north of the Gawler River and south of the Light River, has been earmarked for rezoning to facilitate intensive irrigated horticulture.
APC’s CEO, James Miller believes the rezoning of land will see the region, “become the epi-centre of the ‘food bowl’ for South Australia”.

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