Top tips for early sown canola

Farm productivity can benefit from early sowing of canola if clear management guidelines are followed, according to CSIRO chief research scientist Dr John Kirkegaard who will present at the Hart Field Day on September 19.
Dr Kirkegaard from CSIRO Agriculture and Food says advantages to whole farm productivity from canola sown around mid-April (in South Australia) are among the initial findings of the GRDC Optimised Canola Profitability Project, which includes a trial at the Hart Field-Site.
During his presentations at the Hart Field Day, Dr Kirkegaard will address 10 tips for success of early- sown canola that have emerged from the canola project being undertaken across nine regions of Australia.
Among them will be tips on the environment; paddock preparation – rotation and fallow management; variety choice; sowing depth and seeding rates; weed control; nutrient inputs; insects and pests; disease management; and harvest timing.

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