BSR Bs bounce back for GF berth

BSR bounced back from their second semi final loss to smack RSMU by 56 points in the B grade preliminary final at Clare on Saturday.

The RSMU Hawks flew into action kicking north with the aid of a slight breeze and after Mark Humble failed to convert from 20, Andrew Bruce marked the kick-in from full-back and converted from 40 metres out with two minutes gone.

The Tigers had been caught napping early, but they woke up and four minutes later, Jake Slade snapped their first from 35 and with 10 minutes gone, Tyler Stephenson received a handball from Ben Kitschke and from 40 metres out in the canteen pocket pumped home the Tigers second.

Three minutes later, Wade Lawry gave the footy to Sam Cousins who goaled from 25 metres out and after two behinds to BSR Angus Ashby marked the footy and from 40 slotted through the Tigers fourth major.

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