Get supercharged in Clare

HOW DOES THIS WORK AGAIN? Terry Prodger and John Wards “trying” to use the brand new Tesla Superchargers at the Clare Valley Motel on Wednesday. Terry’s vehicle (featuring darling wife, Julie) is a 1913 Bullnose Morris Oxford, imported from the UK. The Lismore NSW couple are members of the Queensland Veteran Car Club. John’s vehicle is a stunning 1916 Benz he restored from a wreck he purchased 51 years ago. It’s been running for some 30 years since. John, of Mannering Park NSW, is a member of the Veterans Car Club of Australia/NSW. 


If you have a Tesla car we have some good news for you!

The Clare Tesla Supercharger has officially opened to the public and is ready to be used.

The Supercharger station is located at the Clare Valley Motel on Main North Road.

There are 4 Superchargers at the site, all of which are available for use at any time throughout the day or night, and have up to 120 kW of power.

A spokesperson from Tesla said they are expecting Tesla drivers to be heading to Clare over the next few days to check out the newest addition to the Australian Supercharger route.

This will be great for anyone driving a Tesla to Jamestown this Friday for the Powerpack Project celebration event at the battery site.

The location of the Supercharger can be found on Tesla’s website at