Mintaro does it again!

In a last bowl game at Spalding in division one, Mintaro defeated, and literally fell in, by the solitary shot over the home side.

Ray Hudson was again the destroyer, 33/15, which also is his third huge win this season.

It seems, whoever plays that rink, has to play a really in-form and united one.

Guys, I know I wrote the same thing last week, but I REALLY am so pleased for your club.

I said in last week’s edition, this really makes EVERY side improve, and like the AFL, one cannot think, “This is an easy week.”

My thanks this week go to Vic Spezzano of the Burra bowling club.

I received a text on Wednesday, no name attached, but that’s ok, to say if I’d heard that due to the Picnic Races, all matches at Burra would be played on Friday night.

I have since found out, due to another text with Friday’s results, that apart for a couple of passing showers, it was well attended by onlookers and a barbecue was set up for dinner.

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