Report on roads ‘a fool’s errand’

APC Mayor, Tony Flaherty lost a motion at council’s October meeting to have a report brought back on council’s ability to fund an accelerated roadwork infrastructure program- primarily the sealing of key road networks servicing the horticulture, agriculture and industry nodes, up to $5 million.

Some councillors feared the seeking of information for the report, may communicate to the minister for local government, the APC is willing to spend money on roadworks, affecting the position it has taken in regards to withdrawing from the Gawler River Flood Management Authority (GRFMA) due to an inability to pay its contribution.

“I’m voting against the motion,” Cr Keene said, “I think it sends out the wrong message at this time.”

To have a report researched on spending money on roads when the APC has publicly declared it is unable to afford its contribution for the GRFMA’s proposed $27 million Floodway, was described by Cr Keene as a ‘fool’s errand.’

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