Auburn district rallies behind families affected by cemetery vandalism

IF you stepped outside the buzz of Sunday’s press conference at the Auburn Cemetery, the target of vandals at some stage last week, random community members quietly went about cleaning up the mess.

Auburn folk, whether long time locals or recent residents, rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in.

While others will be keen to highlight the devastation and destruction, there was an overarching behind the scenes tale of how the people of the town rallied to respect their sacred site.

A handful of brainless cretins damaged or destroyed 46 memorials sometime between 12noon on Thursday and 11am Saturday.

The Auburn people didn’t dwell or dither, they responded with calm, measured maturity and brushed the matter aside with the disdain it deserved.

Friends of the Auburn Cemetery is a volunteer group that helps maintain the site as an extension of the Auburn Community Development Committee (ACDC).

Volunteer, Glen Osborne, said the local response has been heartening.

“You can hardly see any broken glass around anymore,” she said on Sunday.

“We’ve been blown away with how many people have come to help or check on the damage,” ACDC chairperson, Rhonda Seymour added.

Les and Kath Fisher drove up from Mount Pleasant to check on the graves of Les’ grandparents after seeing the story on the Saturday night news.

“Who else was going to do it if we didn’t?” Les posed.

“We’d never know if we didn’t come and look.”

They were relieved to find their relatives’ resting places untouched.