Knights in Mallala block battle

Greville Knight and his wife Trudy moved into Mallala 12 months ago and are happy with the country town they chose to spend retirement in.

Little did they know, however, that within a year of settling in they would have a fight on their hands to retain their scenic views and quiet lifestyle, as a developer is seeking permission to build accommodation for seasonal workers right next door to their home.

The couple live adjacent to the old Mallala hospital on Aerodrome Road, which late last year, was turned into hostel style accommodation, housing workers from Vanuatu who service the horticultural industry in the area.

They often share a cup of tea with their Vanuatuan friends on weekends.

“They are the loveliest people,” Greville said.

However, since late August of this year, Greville and his neighbours have found themselves in a tussle with Adelaide Plains Council over a proposed development that would see the small portion of land between his home and the workers’ accommodation, designated by council to be retained as ‘open space’, packed with 13 demountable buildings housing a potential 156 people.

Some residents received a brief notification from APC outlining a proposed development application by Stewart Property Trust dated August 23, giving them until September 6 to examine the development documents at council offices and respond.

Greville and his neighbour attended the council office to obtain a copy of the application, however were refused, council staff informing them that they were permitted only to view the documents, restricting them from taking any photocopies or photographs, citing copyright.

“I was forced to go down to the office several times to take notes and end up with my own plan.”

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