Dr Clark checks out of Balaklava surgery

After 34 years of providing vital medical services for animals around the district, Balaklava veterinarian, Dr Brenton Clark, has decided to hang up his stethoscope.

Brenton will close his Balaklava practice this Thursday, allowing the following two weeks to ‘tidy up outstanding bills and complete ongoing/current pet treatments.’

“I’m not getting any younger and it’s harder to get out and about and spread the load, especially when running a service by yourself, so without someone to take over the business, I decided it was a good time to retire,” Brenton said.

Over his 34 years, Brenton has seen a lot of different animals with a range of ailments.

“We’ve had echidnas brought in, and (the late) Norm Parish used to bring in birds of prey to fix or check out.”

“You probably get immune to the unusual things over the years, but there are always good and bad things.”

Brenton said one of the best rewards was after a successful caesarean because there was a litter of live pups, a relieved mother, and happy pet owners!

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