More “green shirts” hittin’ the courts

The clouds rolled in over the courts but fortunately the storm stayed away. 

The players mentioned it was a bit warm on the courts but the conditions were perfect for spectators.

Many of the senior teams had players missing and multiple fill-ins and juniors were used to fill the gaps…rumour was that many players were missing due to schoolies.

There was an umpiring course held at the start of the week and there will be some new green shirt umpires hitting the courts in the next week or two, shadowing some of the association’s more experienced umpires before they venture out on their own.

Green shirt umpires are off limits to any criticism and anyone heard speaking to them inappropriately should be asked to leave the court area or given a technical foul, no exceptions. This includes players, coaches and spectators.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has updated its rules and APBA has put a link to these updates on its Facebook page so all players, coaches and spectators should make themselves familiar with these new rules. I believe there are even some videos that you can watch.

Thanks to all those new umpires who are willing to come out and give things a try, and thanks all of the existing umpires who ensure we can play by coming and umpiring week in week out. Thanks to Aishlea Smith for her efforts as umpire coordinator as well.

In Division 1 Men, the undefeated Owen Elite side was toppled by Teacherballs, who had had only one win on the board (the return of Chris Veitch may have helped!).

Hornets continue to cement their spot in the top four and despite missing Tyler Moulds and Sam Carslake Friday night, still managed to get the win.

Redlegs, Bulldogs and Chappybaras are all fighting it out for the top positions in the Division 2 Men’s competition and Owen is now challenging these teams.

It’s great to see the improvement The Boys and Rangers have made since the first round – they are certainly going to push these top teams by the end of the season.

Scoring tip of the week: Fouls are recorded next to the players’ name on the score sheet as either as “P” for Personal (majority of fouls), “T” for Technical foul or a “U” for an Unsportsmanlike foul. This is the correct way to record fouls rather than an “X” or a “/”.

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