Lehmann’s – more than a store

Lehmann’s Store at Robertstown stands as a testament of time, having catered for the community for more than a century.

The store was one of the first shops built in the township, formerly known as Emuville, with the very first being O’Dea’s Wine Shanty situated behind the current Community Centre.

As the settlement grew, John Roberts, a Koonunga storekeeper, catered for the inhabitants with his travelling shop.

He then settled in the small community and opened a shop in 1871, then applied to open a post office in 1874 using the stamp “Roberts Town”.

Roberts’ son, Reg, built a new store which was later purchased by long serving employee, Merv Lehmann, and wife Rhonda on April 1, 1976.
Lehmann’s Store has supplied all sorts of goods and services to the community, and Merv says, apart from the obvious changes of currency, measurements and pricing, little has changed over the years.

“Probably the biggest changes were decimal currency, and weights and measures. I’ve seen the lot. Packs of cigarettes were 1/6 and now they’re $50,” he said.

The small community relies on the general store, and in turn, it is the loyal return customers who keep the business operating.

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