Movember for men’s health

Research costs money and as far as men’s health is concerned, we need more of both.

When I first grew a mo for Movember more than five years ago, I really just did so for a bit of fun and to see what it looked like.

Although I work in the health industry, I just accepted in good faith, the Movember organisation was doing great things for men’s health and I was happy to contribute to its fundraising campaign.

Fast forward a few years, where I have been involved in patient’s rehabilitation after prostate cancer treatment, and my admiration of the Movember Foundation and all it does has grown exponentially.

In my pursuit of knowledge on how I might be able to help these men, I have attended various conferences and symposiums where bunches of extremely talented researchers present their latest findings in their pursuit of finding ways to better diagnose, treat (and hopefully one day cure) the disease that takes the lives of 3000 men in Australia every year.

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